Practicing German through DnD

Hi guys,

I’ve started to move towards my B2 in German and looking for opportunities to pimp up my speaking skills. Thus wondering if there are any DnD groups out there playing in German which would be open to have badly speaking members?

I played Skyrim in German, so words like Rusting or Dolch is not too alien to me :). Plus I can make my bad speaking skills to be part of the charachter (I guess half-orc barbarian would fit nicely).


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Hello !

If you are looking for german speaking groups we have a collection of resources here that can help you find that ! You will have a hard time finding groups for german games here since the forum’s main goal is to connect english speaking players, but you never know who might swing by your post :wink: ! I wish you success in finding a group, traveler!

Awesome, thanks!

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