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So far the only games I’ve played are with my close circle of friends. Back when I lived in Linz I used to be a player at our table. But since I and most of my friends (except for the GM) have moved to Vienna we have essentially stopped playing. Only recently have I taken up the mantle of game master and been a host for my friends.

I have not yet had the pleasure of playing with a completely fresh set of players. While it is of course fun to play with my friends, I know by now what to expect when coming to the table. (mostly a lot of messing around and murderhoboing)

If someone could explain to me how to best find my way into a new group and what to expect when I come to my first session, I’d be thankful for that. Should I just, as a complete stranger to the forum and others, say I’ll come to a game and that’s ok? (like it’s an open house) Or should I introduce myself first and then the DM’s decide they want to take their chance with me? … idk

I’m familiar with the Pathfinder, DnD 3.5 and DnD 5e rules. However I’m also open to playing different games, granted you’d take in a complete newb. I’ve a particular interest in playing Call of Cthulhu for once. The roleplaying aspect and the premise that every choice matters as you’re just a mortal (instead of some superhero adventurer) intrigues me.

Edit: The name’s Lukas. I’m 25 years old, Austrian.

Hi Lukas,
For me you are doing the right thing - it can be as simple as “Hi, new in Vienna, looking for a group, would be keen to try Call of Cthulhu” and see who responds.

There is also r/lfg on reddit that shows tables/players in Vienna now and then. There are probably other options in German too.

Tl,dr: Cast a wide net, stick a clear simple ask on the top, see what turns up

thursday games (when announced in the forum) and friday games are open house, we only ask that you announce yourself in the respective thread so we have an idea of how many people there will be

as for “normal” groups, as healywp already said, casting a wide net is an option, if you want to play in german there is Athenaes Siegel (info can be found in this post)

Besides that i recommend just coming to a couple of the open games so people can get to know you, we definitly spawned more than one campaign and quite a lot of new DMs with those :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers so far. Another question that comes to mind. What settings are usually being played? (Patfhfinder, DnD?) I see that people bring their T1, T2 ect. characters to the table. Am I supposed to just prepare a filled out char sheet to the open house? (As long as it all fits the rules) Or should I sit down with whoever is going to be DM and make the character on the spot. (Provided, I’d bring some character concepts with me so I at least know what I want to play)

Edit: Oh, and should I bring some snacks and a coke. Or do you not do that as we play in a bar?

as for character: thursday threads usually announce what game will be played, but usually it’s going to be pregens or quickly made characters at the spot especially as sometimes it’s more rare or unique games

friday is D&D 5E with our own ruleset (which can be found here) based on Adventurers League, for those you can either bring a prepared character (for first time you usually will need to start at level 1, details can be found in the rules) or come a bit early and create one with some of the people that are already there and can help

on thursdays i would assume the guys at Spielbar won’t be happy if you bring your own stuff (for special occassions it usually is possible for stuff they don’t sell like cakes if you call ahead) on friday some minor snacks are ok with Cafe 1070, but it still is a business so drinks should be bought there if at all possible

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Hey there; maybe you are interested in our little group