Looking for additional members for existing RPG group (weekly meetings)

For our ongoing fantasy RPG campaign we are looking for 2-3 additional people who want to tag along on our adventure.

We are a group consisting of many nationalities playing in English at least once a week.

Our system is the GM’s own creation. Do expect creative and very imaginative storytelling where the GM is making everyone deeply involved but don’t expect DnD levels of mechanics= still WIP where every participation of the players is appreciated

Just reply here to arrange a first meeting. Glad to hear from you!

Sounds interesting… definitely would like to hear more!

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I would be interested!

Sounds interesting

Cool please pm me for details guys

I’m keen if you guys still have a spot! Very new here (just created the account today :stuck_out_tongue: ), so let me know if it’s still available

Sorry we are already full. Maybe check back later and i tell you if we have a free spot

Cheers and thanks for your interest

Oh alright no worries, I’ll keep an eye out.

Have a good game!

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