Plans for this week-end

So, anybody wants to do something or get together for the week-end?

We could have another session of “boardgames at the café” or, alternatively, try a one-shot of something.
If the same people than the last time are interested, I could, I guess, continue the adventure from last time…

If the same people than the last time are interested, I could, I guess, continue the adventure from last time…[/quote]
That would be cool!

I could do either, and KH would be interested in board games. So would jkirsteen on here. Shall we see who all is interested first?

I don’t have much of a plan except to watch ‘Dark Shadows’ on Thursday.

I’d be interested in boardgames or any other activity on Friday or Saturday.

I can’t on Sunday - have to babysit my niece - but could on Thursday (holiday), Friday or Saturday. I’d be more interested in boardgames.

I’ve got plans on thursday, but on the other days I’m free. I can offer my board games and flat to play.

Saturday works for both me and KH.

Same here, free as the Northern wind, I am.

So far we have Philipp, Frazzlerunning, AmLash, Simon, Me and KH.

That sounds like enough people to actually plan something for Saturday, wouldn’t you say?

So, café or, as he so kindly offered, Amlash’s? Or café, then, Amlash’s with a brief stop at a khabob stand on the way?

Or Amlash’s and we order food?

On Saturday, from 12:00 it’s ok to come by.

noon is a bit early for us… we can be there around 3. But if other people want to start playing earlier, don’t wait for us. We can jump into the next game when we get there.

12:00 is just the earliest hour you can come. It’s not yet decided if it’s the time we meet.

It’s going to be hard to find games for 6 people… Settlers has an expansion for up to 6.

2 to 3 pm on Sat sound like a good time to start.

Philipp has the expansion for Settlers, but a good board game day doesn’t mean that we all have to play the same game. 4 people could play Settlers while a couple people are playing kittens in a blender, or something. One of the ways we did this in the US was to have different games of different lengths going (e.g., Axis and Allies in one room, Settlers nad/or Eurorails in another… of course this does require larger apartments than I have yet seen in Vienna :question: ).

What games do people have that they might want to bring? We have nothing, since I left all mine in the US, but we can explore a bit.

And if anyone has poker chips and everyone has 5E, we could always play a poker tournament :wink:

I do have poker chips (though only the cheap ones).

I can’t bring along most of my games, for them being in German.
I do own the D&D Bar fighting (dice) game(?), that I could bring.
And I may find myself buying Zombie Dice before Saturday (which could be played by many people at once).

I suppose it depends on how complex the German is… for example, Philipp’s Settlers is auf Deutsch, but since I have played it before and there are only a few cards in German, it was easy to play that way. Also, Simon and I are the only non-German speakers out of the 6, so if three people wanted to play a game in German, and three people play Settlers, it’s still doable.

How many poker chips? A full set of several hundred or a small pack of 50 or so? If it’s a full set, and people are interested in learning American tournament poker, I would be delighted to teach :wink:.

It’s a small suitcase with 6 rows of ~30 chips, a poker card deck and ‘casino dice’.

I’m going to look through my games when I’m at home, maybe I’ll find some candidates to bring with me.

That would be plenty for a small tournament with no re-buys.