Pendragon and D&D next

So, as some of you know, I am a very big fan of Pendragon.

I am also on the playtesting list for D&D 5th edition.

And so, I am seriously tempted to run either of them soon…

It would be playtesting the newest version of the game. So, sticking to the testing adventures (mostly dungeon crawling, as far as I have seen) that they offer, and playing with a non finalized product.
It would not be a campaign, more of a series of adventures with the opportunity to re-use or switch characters…

A few weeks ago, I run a scenario I had written and had a lot of fun doing it… So now I am really tempted to jump in and start “the great Pendragon campaign”: 81 years of in game story, from the wars of Daddy Uther all the way to the death of King Arthur (that liked spam, like, a lot).

Both games would be very flexible. D&D because it would be a series of thinly connected one-shots and Pendragon due to its fairly unique system where you don’t play a character but rather a lineage of characters, with knights retiring or dying and their sons and daughters taking over… which makes for a very flexible game as you can jump in and out of the campaign without issues.
That is also good for me as I am first of all committed to my regular Pathfinder campaign and don’t want to get distracted from it.

I am thinking of starting either series of game sometime in April or May… It would be during the week-day; once or twice a month… Maybe I could integrate it to the regular “weekly odd-bag games” series that is currently going on…

Anyway, just sharing my thoughts and gauging interest…

The pendragon game was really fun and I’m very curious about the 5th edition, so I’m interested in both ! :smiley:

music to me ears!! I’ve been itching to see what D&D Next has to offer. So when the time comes count me in for D&D!


Sure, I might be up for a game :smiley:

Very much in :slight_smile:

Definitely Pendragon! :smiley:

Maybe Next, depends on what new developments I’ve missed since my last playtest. I’ll take a look into the new release…

Once a month sounds great for both of these ideas.

Perhaps start with 5th ed. since that’s the hip thing these days?

And I promise to keep any “D&D? Next!” jokes to a minimum…

Yeah, I guess D&D next would be as good a place to start as any as the modules are a few sessions each. That makes stopping to switch to another game easier…

So, any ballpark idea on when we might start? :slight_smile:

Well, I am done with moving (still no internet, which exokains my sporadic response rate), so that’s good.
I have my regular game this Saturday, and maybe next week too. I am out of town the week-end after that but could probably run a game during the week. Preferably Thursday the 18 but any day of this week should work…

sounds good!

I should be able to manage the 18th, but I can’t make any promises quite yet.

I won’t be in Vienna that week :frowning: Can I join the week after though you’ll have started already? :slight_smile:

Should work for me

I don’t think the plan is to meet up every week.

That said, I wouldn’t mind playing a week later if it’s easier to schedule.

Well, the following week will probably be dedicated to my fortnightly game. But, the week after that (early May) would work too.

And, of course, these will be very episodic games and low on continuity, so jumping in and out will be most ok…

Sounds great, I’ll join the next session then :slight_smile:

18 sounds good. how many players are you planning?

Good question.

The playtest kit comes with 6 pre-gen (these pre-gen do not include a barbarian; which is supposed to be the class they want to focus on during this test… so… I’ll roll one or two barbarian characters anyway).

On the other hand, the party size they are shooting for seems to be four characters (like in D&D 4, I think to remember) and, because I am not familiar with the game and because I would like to see how it handles under the best circumstances before stretching its limits, I would prefer run with this number…

Now, if more people show up, I am not going to turn them away… although; if a lot of people are interested, I think I’d rather run the same game on two different nights…