Open DnD5e Friday @Cafe 1070 Value games. You ain't seen the last of us!

Open games. As usual, write down if you are coming to play or DM. Everyone is welcome. This week Im coming to play T1 T2 or T3:3

Looking to DM T1 Cellar of Death.
Up to 6 players.

Heyo, i will also be there this Friday
@Mourni i’ve never played AL but i’d love to give it a spin if you dont mind.

Did you play DnD 5E so far in general and just new to AL or did you never play 5E before?

I’m asking because the adventure I’d like to run can be super deadly :") It’s best to bring a backup character.
If you never played before, you can certainly join my game, I’ll make sure to have an extra character at hand just in case. Beginners are always welcome.

i’ve played 5E and DnD/Pathfinder in the past so i got a basic grasp of game mechanics. I wil lprep my character and show up a bit earlier to make sure everything is AL aligned :slight_smile:

Will be on vacation, so no LMoP this week Q.Q

Deadly you say? Sign me up!:3 We shall see how exactly deadly it is:P

I’d love to join your adventure. Do you have any preferences in terms of level (except being T1)?

Will be there again, t2 or even t3 preferred.

Cellar of Death is designed for 4-6 level 1 characters. Ideally bring a level 1 character.

i’ll try to be there, would bring a T1 and a T2 character again

Im not sure yet if i will be there since the new pokemon games come out on friday XDD
But if i come i will bring T1 and T2

@Mourni just to verify and book my calendar for Friday evening, we good?

Ay. I’ll be there.
We are playing on a grid. Please bring your minis if you have one. Alternatively, send me an STL file that i can print. Everyone gets 1 mini for free. I’ll have random minis we can use too.

sites for 3d models: thingiverse, cults3d, myminifactory,,

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Is there a game this weekend?

I would also like to join @Mourni tabel and see resil die atleast once

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Im not sure if Im at his table:) I personally dont really enjoy playing at lvl 1 but Ill see whats availible:3

Oh i only now noticed the date sayes 1-24
Seems a bit far into the future XDDD
what about all the other fridays like this friday???

i think this post should be for this friday but resil made a mistake when editing the time? :smiley:

I figured it was just a mistake XDD