Open DnD 5e VALUE games @ cafe 1070: Their defiance of fate disturbs even the gods themselves

Please announce if you are coming to play at this weeks open DND games. I most likely will come to play, might also DM, though Im not sure:) T1-2-3

i plan on being there, probably will bring a T1 adventure and T1/2/3 characters

also please start to add the location and correct time again when starting these threads :stuck_out_tongue:

location: Cafe 1070, Burggasse 68 in 1070 Vienna
time: ~19:00 usually somebody will be there as early as 18:00

I will be there with my T2 druid.

Unless something crazy happens I will be there to play or dm t1 or t2

I will try to make it as well once again. T1-T2

Will join again would prefer to play. T1 with my gnome who is just a step away to T2.

I will be along, T2 preferably

I will join, also t2 preferably

I’ll DM for the first time, probably t1 to low T2

I’ll probably be there with T1/T2/T3 characters. Might dm, if needed.

I’ll be there with T1/2/3 characters.

I also have a T1 adventure prepared if another DM is needed.

Will join again playing t1/t2

I’ll be coming again with a T1 and a T2.

I’ll be there with T1/T2 characters.

Quick question, is the twilight domain from UA allowed?

Unfortunately no

Alright, no problem:smile:

T1/T2, as always!

I’ll be there! (T1/T2) Preferably at Pfeifer’s table :smiley:

Will be there with my t1+2 characters. Will also bring along a Season 5 (SKT) T2 adventure.