Open DnD 5e VALUE games @ cafe 1070: Their defiance of fate disturbs even the gods themselves

Actually I can’t it seems, I have stuff to do. :confused:

I would be keen to play some more season 5 if it runs and there is space

Sure, let’s see the turnout…

1 person (t1/t2) will be there

I will come with a T2

Sorry can’t make this week — not feeling very well.

I’ll make it, at pfeifers table if there’s still space… T1/T2

I’ll play T1 or T2, if there’s space at Pfeifer’s table i’d like to join ^^

Ill make it, T1/T2 :slight_smile:

We completed yesterday DDAL05-04 In Dire Need. The party unlocked +1 Mithral Splintmail, rare

added it to unlocks document, table and tier decided based on Splintmail+1 as it was the highest of the combination

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Can you also add the Flame Tongue, which we unlocked in cat4laugh’s adventure “The Arsonist“?

once he gives me the name and/or number of the adventure so i can verify? :smiley: he could just add it as a comment in the document like we usually do because flame tongue is in there i’m pretty sure

Adventure was “DDAL05-04 In Dire Need”

@cat4laugh @Semako hi guys, flame tongue is still locked. Was considering to invest some hard earned T pts…

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