Open DnD 5e Value games @1070 In new year, the path curves dangerously

As always, please announce if you are going to come, and the tier of play. I most likely will be playing, maybe I will dm a T2 adventure, maybe…

I hope to be there to DM part 3 of the adventures in Chult (T2).

Players of Part 1&2 have priority for the table:
@Resil confirmed
@cat4laugh confirmed
@BufoBufo confirmed
@ThatGuyTed confirmed
@Nepu confirmed
@jboimler confirmed
@Semako confirmed
@PatrickD confirmed

I will be there, with a lv6 druid.

My ranger will def attend again the adventure. This undead threat has to be stopped.

I’ll be there with my druid

Will be there with the drunken master monk

Then Im playing at your table

I’ll be there!

There’s a 90% chance my T2 halforc can make it. I can bring a T1 as backup.

I’ll be there with Grow and ‘horse’ the crocodile.

I’ll also be there as a cleric :slight_smile:

With three druids, a cleric and a ranger we should really have enough healing :smiley:

T1/T2 again! :smiley:

Hey, i will be there at T1 with my lv2 archerer.

  • Samgiblett DM T2
    ** Resil T2
    ** Semako T2
    ** PatrickD T2
    ** joeder T2
    ** cat4laugh T2
    ** BufoBufo T2
    ** ThatGuyTed T2
    ** Nepu T2

cwebb T1/T2
CriticalMaxim T1/T2

so far, i might be able to come by and DM a T1 for the 3 without a table so far, will reply again once i know for sure tomorrow

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Dont worry about it, Im readying an adventure for t1-t2 anyway

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Will be there playing t1/t2

Then i’ll ne at resils Table :slight_smile:

Hey I’d like to join you guys today
I have a T2 and T1 character but new year new character I think, soooo what can I use to make a new one

All the rules for character creation are in the V.A.L.U.E document