Open DnD 5e Value games @1070 In new year, the path curves dangerously

Hi! I’m visiting Vienna for a couple of days and if possible I would like to join today’s game. Is it a problem, if I’ve never played DD before?
I would like to bring a friend with me, they are experiend with game, but mostly with 3.5 edition.

Not at all! You are totes welcome to join:)

oh well looks like i can’t make it today after all, have fun everybody

I might be a little late, so don’t wait for me
I am definitely coming though

Sorry for the dumb question but when does it start?

At 19:00

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Im there at 7.15

Thank you my players for a wonderful session today:)

Thanks for that murder mystery. The suspense was killing me. Well, that and the explosion.

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Thank you for DMing today Sam!!!

Sessions were we spend 1,5 hours roleplaying about @ThatGuyTed 's “horse” and then the chaotic combat are awesome ^^


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