Open DnD 5e V.A.L.U.E. Games @ Cafe 1070 Friday game evening. Death creeps behind every corner, and other health hazards

Looking forward to seeing you all on the next open game. I will be coming to play T2 preferred but T1 and T3 availible.

Do you create all of your posts at midnight? :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try to be there again with a t1 and t2 character.

have fun everyone, i won’t be able to make it the next 4 weeks unless anything changes my calendar says no :smiley:

i wont be able to make it since a friend of mine is sleeping at my place and we are going to the Vienna Comic Con on Sat and Sun ^^
But i hope you have fun!

Hi. It would be my/our first time we join your group. I just have a T1 Char. My girlfriend is not sure yet if she will join the party, or just watching the game with us.
Lv. 3 Witcher? But i can also create a higher version of this char if needed?!

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I’ll be there too, with my tier 2 characters. If Tom is there, i’ll play in his campaign, otherwise I’ll play in the campaign I played last friday (with the poison specialist rogue).

Hi schmoezn if it is your first time you should create a l1 character using the players handbook and any extra approved books

@Arthilas no dnd for me this week or next I am afraid

I’ll be there with a T1 or T2 character.

Hey, this week I’ll (hopefully…) be fit enough again to join a game (my first one with this group).

If a T1 game still has open slots I will gladly join with a T1 character.

I’ll be there to play lmop at rayce’s table

If Rayce is there for LMoP i will be there for his table.

i will be there with a t1 and t2 character

ok fine, thanks…then i create a new version of a witcher, which i wanted to try. see you on friday.

I don’t think witcher official material. Here is what is currently allowed (currently no UA).

However if someone is having a game without VALUE rules you might be able to create one, but that is at the DM’s discretion.

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Hi, I will join. First time so will create an L1 using the VALUE doc linked above.

Have mostly been a 3.5e player, anything I should be keeping in mind?

Ist it possible for a group of three newbies (age 15) to come to this event as their first entry into d&d?
Would somebody help us create our characters if we come before the start of the game?

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I’ll be there, will have a T1 adventure for DMing

But I think an additional DM would be good.

I’ll be there for LMoP

Of course you are welcome. Just a note that we use adult language sometimes, if you are ok with that:)

I would also note that typical ending times for games generally end up between 11pm and 1am

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