Open DnD 5e V.A.L.U.E games @ cafe 1070: A merry way we see

The games continue! Please write in this thread whether you will be attending this weeks games, and the tier of play. I will come to play T1/2/3 or DM, depending on multiple circumstances:)

I’ll be there dming the second part of the first chapter of waterdeep dragon heist. It’s t2.
Following players have priority

I will come and bring a T2 charachter

I will be there again with my T2 characters, don’t know wether I will play at Pfeifer’s or another table yet.
Probably I will try DMing (T2) for the first time, but don’t know if I will have enough time to prepare.

I’ll be there to play at Pfeifer’s table

I will come and bring a T1 character

I had fun last week so I’m coming back for more.
I’m bringing my T1 character, a level 2 rogue.

I DM a T1 adventure: Flame Falburn in Baldurs Gate looks for a bunch of heroes for another investigation.

I’ll be there.

@PatrickD I’d like to reserve a place at your adventure

gonna join your table again

i will also come again with my T1/L2 character :grin:

I will come preferably to play but will dm if needed

I’ll be at Pfeifer’s table again

Would like to play… preferably T2, but can also bring a T1 character

I’ll be there at pfeifers table :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone!

Do you accept spectators? I have never played any Pen&Paper game in my life and just started watching videos of interesting D&D encounters/stories a year ago. I would definitely like getting into it more and at least spectate a game or two first, if possible. My work is really close to Zehnsiebzig caffe, so it’s a perfect location too!

Of course we accept humanoid spectators like you - but we don’t accept the monstrous spectators, which look like little Beholders :smiley:

We can also help you creating a character and explain the game so that you can play with us :slight_smile:


I will be along; to play T1/T2.

Read the player’s gandbook, Create a character, maybe with some help, and join. Know what special things your character can do. Don’t worry about the rest. You’ll get it soon enough.

You probably don’t want to hold up the game because you don’t know basic rules, but you’ll get the flow of the game. Also it’s easy to hide on a full table and follow the flow…


I’ll be joining too with a T1 character :slight_smile: