Open DnD 5e V.A.L.U.E games @ cafe 1070: A merry way we see

T2 this time :wink:

I’m not sure if I will make it there today. If I do I’ll bring T2 and T1 chars. Preferably at Pfeifers table.

If I’m not there by 18:50 don’t wait for me.

I’m also a bit of an introvert and take my time to get comfortable with people :grin: . I’ve played homebrew games but this being my first time meeting people outside my circle; I’d like to watch and learn a bit more about the rules before dipping my toes in the water.
A question, because I’m still a bit confused about it: do we need tickets to attend? all I found is donation; in case that’s the “ticket” how much is acceptable?
Also (sorry I’m full of questions), this is like my first time trying to leave my bubble so someone help this poor soul out :frowning_face: , anyone would be interested in meeting me before the event to show me where exactly and so I don’t walk in awkwardly not knowing anyone before going in circles and going home :laughing: ?

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no need for tickets, the donations were mostly a thing to start a bit of a library for use at the Cafe we meet up (we have most rule books as well as a couple battle maps there)

just walk in and head to the backroom that’s were most people usually end up in the beginning

I might be there today (not 100% sure yet) and would arrive at around 18:00, so if you want to start with fewer people just be there around that time and there will be less people, which will make acclimating easier (i’m mostly an introvert too, though during D&D it might be less noticeable)


Don’t worry, you don’t need any tickets or such stuff. We just like people to post in the forum so we know how many people are coming and how many need to dm.
And if you worry about being introverted, You really don’t need to. The basic rules are easy to explain and many of us are also awkward introverts, so don’t worry.

I’ll probably be coming today but I’m also driving home from switzerland today so depending on the traffic I’ll probably be late (approx 1-2h). I’ll join whatever table that would welcome me.


Hello :slight_smile: The event takes place in a public cafe, so there’s no ticket fee, and you also don’t need to order anything to eat or drink unless you want to.

Tersidian alreaday said it, some people come there early, so of you come early yourself (games usually start at around 19:30), there will be less people, and those can introduce you into the group and the game itself :slight_smile: I probably will have to stay at university until 18:00, but then will directly go to 1070, so probably I will be there between 18:50 and 18:30.

Btw, I won’t DM today, I simply didn’t have enough time to prepare anything, I will play either T2 or even T1 with a lv4 character.


I’ll definitely get something to drink, as it helps with being less anxious :grin:. But thank you, and everyone else for the quick replies and kind welcome :heart:

Then I’ll try to go around 18:00, go to the backroom and say hi to whomever I find :blush: . Looking forward to meeting you!


omw, T1/2, preferably T2. Cu soon!

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