Open DnD 5E/V.A.L.U.E Games @ 1070

Tersidian isn’t available this week so I decided to make this post

Since the current V.A.L.U.E rules are very fresh and still open for suggestions I suggest that we keep on doing open games, but of course you can already dip your feet into AL if you want.

Anybody who wants to dm an open game please announce it here too. I myself will be attending rayce_kaisers table again but can in an absolute worst case scenario also DM. Hope to see you all there :slight_smile:

I’ll be there for Crystalline city :slight_smile:

Im still Dming the crystalline city.

I will finally make it there again :smiley:
I’ll bring a T2 (lv 5 cleric) (if I can find my old sheets) and a new lv. 1.
I would like to join rayce_kaisers game if he DMs and has an empty slot for me to fill.

I will be there. To continue in the Crystalline City if there is still a spot for me (the cleric). If not, I am down for anything.

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Crystaline City here i come!!!

There will be two friends coming with me, maybe they want to try out DnD too. I hope that is okay for you :wink:

Crystalline City again for me

Crystalline “How are we still alive?” City again for me!

Gonna join your worst case :stuck_out_tongue:
Or, in an absolute worst case, bring a lvl 2 AL char or anything non-AL that fits whatever adventure.

Very evil of you. But if it turns out to happen be warned that it is very rp heavy and I am still new to absolutely everything

That sounds absolutetely awesome! Any other requirement regarding level or stuff?

It’s a t1 for al

I’ll be there again for LMoP :slight_smile:

Heyo all! Yes, I will be DMing this Friday! Apologies to my group for not being able to make it last week! Dogeza

i am again joining crystaline city

I’ll be coming with a T1

I’ll bring a T1 as well

I’ll be there with T1 and T2 characters.

Additionally I’ll prepare a T1 adventure if another DM is needed.

Hey, we are two total noobs who would like to try dnd but have little to none pnp experience. Is there a beginner table or can beginners just attend in general?