Open DnD 5E/V.A.L.U.E Games @ 1070

I’ll be there for lmop

AL is perfect for beginners. Just bring excitement and you’ll be fine. And also a character if you already have one. If you need help creating one show up a little earlier and someone will help you :slight_smile:


will be there

I’ll be there for LMoP

Hey, is there still a group to join? I am pretty new to DnD and my english is rusty, but I am eager to practise both. So if there is still a group who needs a strange speaking PC, I really would like to join.

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I’ll come again with a T1 :smiley:

Then the two of us will be there early :smiley:

I am able to come tonight - only just found out so no time to prep an adventure. @cat4laugh can I bring a pacifist warlock/cleric to your table?

I said I’m only dming in a worst case scenario. I’m planned to play at rayce’s table^^|

Looking at numbers, you may be needed…

That is true

That’s another hero here :wink:

EDIT: By the way: unless I don’t survive the day due to illness I’m bringing miniatures (apparently to to table of either @joeder or @cat4laugh) - maybe that’s some motivation for DMing? :slight_smile:

Complete noob here, I’ll be joining tonight. :slight_smile:

Ill be in the cafe around 5.30 pm. So Ill be ready to chat, have a drink and help any newbies with characters

I’d like to join if there is still space. First time D&D but have played some Pathfinder.

I won’t make it to lmop this time, have fun everyone, and good luck @cat4laugh

Sorry guys, actually feeling worse and won’t do anything tonight :confused:

Have fun and as always: Don’t die.

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hey everyone, wont be able to make it tonight, still stuck at work =(
might drop in later for a drink though. either way, have fun and cu next week!

For all players at my table (Pudding Faire) you have unlocked this: I

Stone of Good Luck
Wondrous Item, Uncommon
This palm-sized stone is cool to the touch and carved into
the likeness of a beaming halfling face. While you hold
the stone, you gain advantage on Charisma (Persuasion)
checks made against good-aligned halflings. This item is
described in full in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

I’m also sorry it took so long. I hope you had fun regardless!

One session into lmop and my character is already scared for life… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you guys for this incredibly fun evening. :smiley: