Open DnD 5e V.A.L.U.E. games, @1070 New adventures and newly dead adventurers

I will come to play as a T2, T1 T3. Maaaybe I will DM a T2-3 adventure, but that is not given:)
Please announce yourselves here:)

I will come to play with tier 2 characters.
@Resil if you DM a tier 2-3 adventure and Tom doesn’t come to finish his campaign, I would like to join with a tier 3 character. Do I need to follow value rules for creating the tier 3 character? Or can I just reuse one of my crystalline city characters and make him level 11? I mean, he probably won’t last long anyways when you’re the DM :smiley:

Edit: I will just play in any tier 2 campaign if there’s space for me.

Nyeh. This adventure gon be value.

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Hoping to be there on Friday for the Second part of the T2 Adventure in Chult:

Priority goes to

I will confirm in the next couple of days if I can make it

I’m in.

I’d like to play with you again :smile:
Looking forward to it
Edit: Sadly I have to cancel, somebody can have my spot
Have fun everyone

Will be there and DMing LMoP!

Great! I’ll be there to play LMoP ^^

I am looking forward to finally playing lmop again…:>

I would like to play at your table @Samgiblett

I play lmop

Nice! I’ll be there for lmop as well! :slight_smile:

@Samgiblett If you have space I’d like to join.

@Samgiblett would like to reserve a seat if a spot opens up.

Otherwise will bring a backup t1 or t2 adventure

I’ll be there for lmop

I would like to join a T1 game if there are any open slots/games.

@Rayce_Kaiser The LMoP campaign is a continuation from previous weeks, isn’t it?

I should have space for you if I am able to make it. Still no guarantee so please prep a backup T2?

Will come to your adventure :slight_smile:

My two sons too will attend again. (T1)
And if anyone might be willing to help me with the creation of a character, I´d like to join as well.
(Have never been playing myself)

I can try to help you if you want :slight_smile:

Does @Samgiblett’s table has a place for me or will I play at another table?