Open DnD 5E Games @ 1070

She was listed twice, that’s probably because she used a second name in her post, so it’s totally not my fault :innocent:

I fear I’m cursed and will never be able to make it to playing on friday, but unfortunately I just got a call and will have to jump in at work and will not be able to make it… :sleepy:

Hey, currently at hospital, family emergency, am sorry but I have to cancel LMoP very short notice!!

ill make it, cu soon! should be able to play T1/2

Thank you my players for a heartfelt session.


Thanks to my players yesterday, sorry for the rushed ending and sorry to GRML… Killed by a worm. My first pc death

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Yeah, you could have arranged something more epic for your first player kill than worms. Worms!

But it was my fault for always going melee AND not using the rod of security.

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