Open DnD 5E Games @ 1070

So Adventure League Season 9 has officially started, as we haven’t decided yet how we will proceed, I propose doing open games for the heck of it. (This doesn’t mean that some DMs can’t/won’t run AL games obviously)

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ burggasse 68, 1070 vienna
I’ll likely be there, but can’t promise that i’ll have something prepared (but i’ll try to have a T1 non AL adventure on me)

Anybody who wants to dm a open game please announce it here too.
IF anybody wants to try their hands on AL season 9 feel free to do so, but don’t expect me to help you too much with the necessary conversions :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope i’ll meet some of you there :slight_smile:

Coming again for the DMing of the Crystalline city.

Heyo, will be there, DMing session 4 of Lost Mines of Phandelver. I do have a full group of 7, but if there are no shows, I can squeeze in a player or 2.


I’ll come agaiin :slight_smile:

Ya should already know im coming!! ^^

I am joining the Dying of you will die city, I mean Crystalline city again!

I’ll be there again!

I’ll be there for LMoP

Hey there. Hawaiian here in Vienna for the next 2 months and I’d love to get a game or two in. Any open spots available?


I am gonna come with my T1 ( level 2) rogue again.

I’ll be there for lmop

turns out I can’t attend this friday because of real life getting in the way. I hope you guys have fun!

As these are open games, just come, Im sure we will accommodate you.

Perfect! Do people typically bring a character or make them there?

I will be there. I have a t2 adventure prepared if there is interest. If not then @Tersidian I would like a space at whatever you are running.

I will come with a t1 or t2 character :smiley:
edit: If possible at the table of @Tersidian or @Samgiblett

Any way you lllike it:)

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I will also join crystalline city again

I’ll come with a T1 character again.