Open DnD 5E Games @ 1070

Come for LMoP again

I ll come with a level 2 character and prepare a lvl 1 as well, so if anyone is running a t1 i would be glad to join. Might bring a friend as well.

Drax here, I’ll be there again

I’ll be there with T1 & T2 characters.
If available I’d like to play at @Tersidian’s or @Samgiblett’s table.

Of course I’ll be at the Crystalline City again.

I’d also like to come tomorrow and maybe join the game of @Tersidian or @Samgiblett if that’s possible.
When should I come ?

Hey I would like to join once again. Is there a place open in any game ( except lmoP )?

We usually start at around 19:30, but some of us come up to an hour earlier to help new players with characters and other stuff.

Come earlier if you need to make a character

Will bring T1 & T2 chars but I would also be up for non AL legal games

Alright thanks guys, I’ll be there earlier :smile:

i count 24 people total, not going to do a list in here with who wants to join where … mostly because i’m lazy but also because technically i should be working right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Resil - Crystalline City

  • CriticalMaxim
  • Kenta
  • Aldernari
  • UmbreonWarrior
  • Semako

Rayce_Kaiser - Lost Mines of Phandelver (#4)

  • Michi
  • pfeifer
  • Tatze
  • capu
    reserved for:
  • Khaine
  • Shadow

out this week: cat4laugh

Tersidian - T1 adventure
SamGiblett - T2 adventure

  • Nepu (T1 / T2 for SamGiblett or Tersidian )
  • joeder (T1 / T2 for SamGiblett or Tersidian )
  • cwebb (T2 preferred, T1)

No preference stated

  • Nixymachus
  • Bactine
  • Publius (T1)
  • BufoBufo (T1)
  • Gletscher (T1)
  • KeganoKami (not LMoP)
  • BerndiSterndi (T1 / T2 / non-AL)

Im coming for Crystaline city thought it was clear enough becouse i replyed to Resil saying im joining XDD

Looks like there will be enough for a t2 table. As it is an open game night if you want to use a non AL character that is OK as long as it meets al character Creation rules. If you make a character specifically for the adventure you can make them L7 and give yourself 1 uncommon and 1 rare (or 2 uncommon) items from table f in the dmg. Otherwise use your al character and you can get progression… If you survive :wink:

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Sorry, I’m new at this and didn’t check replies, I changed the list accordingly… :wink:

Its ok dont worry about it XDD

You still forgot to assign me to Resil’s table :wink:

No, I did not! :mage: Check again

Capu is joining LMoP, yet she’s listed as No Preference :stuck_out_tongue: