Open D&D Table - Episode 2: The Beginning

Well, that was nearly the shortest megacampaign of all time.

But despite nearly coming to an end in the game’s first five minutes, with only a highly improbable series of 2s and 3s of the DM’s dice - open and unscreened - standing between our intrepid adventurers and an ignominious death, the prologue is in the books and we’re on to the main campaign.

We’ve even unlocked level 1 now. Classes, too!

Should somebody wish to join the fun, we’ll be playing again this Saturday, and a true classic awaits. Drop me a line if you’re interested!

The cast so far:

A cleric who doesn’t know his deity’s name
A dwarf who doesn’t know what he wants to be
A couple mysterious strangers

@H I guess, we shall play outdoors, in the Türkenschanzpark, right?

What, you think you’re going to get the location that easily? First, you need to solve the sphinxicore’s three riddles, and then …

OK, fine. Yeah, Türkenschanzpark. See you tomorrow!

(Game’s full now, by the way.)

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Aftermath of Episode 2: In which foot is first set in the keep, a hermit receives company, and a humble magic-user snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, even as those jaws are filled with dwarf

Everybody who explored the very edge of the wilderness and lived to tell the tale receives a total of 97 xp. Halflings receive half that amount, because of, well, half-ling. (I.e. 48 fighter, 48 thief.)

Everyone will be fully recovered from their injuries when next we play.

irx gets a very brief scene ahead of the next session based on downtime actions. Please remind me of this if I forget.

Next adventurous excursion: Saturday, 2 o’clock.

This session will feature not one but TWO very special guest stars.

See you there!

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