An American in Wien

Hey, I’m an American (37-years-old, he/him) who has been living in Vienna since 2015. As we all adjust to the new norm of the pandemic, I am looking for a friendly roleplaying group and to expand my friend circle with fellow TTRPG hobbyists. My conversational German is okay (B2/C1), but I am more comfortable playing in English.

I have been playing RPGs since 3E D&D. I enjoy a wide-variety of TTRPGs. I have also played True 20, 4e D&D (and loved it!), Pathfinder 1, 5e D&D, Fate (Accelerated), 7th Sea 1E, Fantasy AGE / Blue Rose, Numenera / Cypher System, Dungeon World, Index Card RPG, Warhammer FRP 2E, and a few others. I prefer playing, but I have run a number of games (mostly one-shots) as a GM.

Games I would like to try: Blades in the Dark, Cortex Prime, Worlds/Stars Without Number, Shadow of the Demon Lord, The One Ring 2E, Beyond the Wall & Other Adventures, Avatar Legends, Swords of the Serpentine (Gumshoe), IronSworn, and many more!

While I do enjoy 5e D&D, there are many other RPGs that I enjoy playing or would enjoy trying, and I would ideally like to find a friendly and casual group that was likewise open to playing other TTRPGs other than D&D 5e. I am not opposed to playing 5e, but I would probably find playing only D&D/Pathfinder a bit monotonous.

Hi @Aldarc, welcome to our community! We have our regular Friday VALUE meetups for 5e, its a good place to meet folk in the community and get to know them.

I personally do want to play Blades in the Dark, have run a few sessions and played in canpaign, have the book too xD Time is the limiting factor right now though.

Hope to see you around!


Hi @Aldarc,

also welcome from my side of well!
As @Rayce_Kaiser wrote, there is an active D&D 5E community around (the V.A.L.U.E group), but beside this, there is an open D&D table game (which is more like old-school 70’s-80’s basic D&D / AD&D, before 3E),
we have some Call of Cthulu one-shots, in late June-July we shall play Star Trek (under pandemic we have planned a Cypher game, maybe it will happen somedays) and generally some one-shot games pop on the forum from time to time, so stay tuned!

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I have a lot of Cypher System books, mostly Numenera. I have mostly run the game as a GM, though I am out of practice. I would not be opposed to helping people here get a Cypher/Numenera game up and running if the desire was still there.

Same with Dungeon World, though I prefer using Jeremy Strandberg’s DW hack Homebrew World, which is more polished version of Dungeon World meant for one-shots and shorter campaigns.

I am also a HUGE fan of Strandberg’s Stonetop hack: Stonetop by penny lantern — Kickstarter.

Hey @Aldarc - nice to meet you - I’m a Brit who’s been in Vienna a long time but just joined this community. Looking for people to play with/form a regular group.
There are so many newer (and older!) RPGs out there now that I’d love to try…

My first RPG was Warhammer FRP.
I have a one-year-old and juggling work and family, plus I’m studying again, so schedule can be tough at the moment but it could be cool to meet f2f some time or try to have a small game. I just got Spire and want to try it out. Also interested to try Tales from the Loop.

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Yeah, we could meet for coffee. I am pretty wide open for system and setting. Been playing for many years.