An American in Wien

Hey, I’m an American (37-years-old, he/him) who has been living in Vienna since 2015. As we all adjust to the new norm of the pandemic, I am looking for a friendly roleplaying group and to expand my friend circle with fellow TTRPG hobbyists. My conversational German is okay (B2/C1), but I am more comfortable playing in English.

I have been playing RPGs since 3E D&D. I enjoy a wide-variety of TTRPGs. I have also played True 20, 4e D&D (and loved it!), Pathfinder 1, 5e D&D, Fate (Accelerated), 7th Sea 1E, Fantasy AGE / Blue Rose, Numenera / Cypher System, Dungeon World, Index Card RPG, Warhammer FRP 2E, and a few others. I prefer playing, but I have run a number of games (mostly one-shots) as a GM.

Games I would like to try: Blades in the Dark, Cortex Prime, Worlds/Stars Without Number, Shadow of the Demon Lord, The One Ring 2E, Beyond the Wall & Other Adventures, Avatar Legends, Swords of the Serpentine (Gumshoe), IronSworn, and many more!

While I do enjoy 5e D&D, there are many other RPGs that I enjoy playing or would enjoy trying, and I would ideally like to find a friendly and casual group that was likewise open to playing other TTRPGs other than D&D 5e. I am not opposed to playing 5e, but I would probably find playing only D&D/Pathfinder a bit monotonous.

Hi @Aldarc, welcome to our community! We have our regular Friday VALUE meetups for 5e, its a good place to meet folk in the community and get to know them.

I personally do want to play Blades in the Dark, have run a few sessions and played in canpaign, have the book too xD Time is the limiting factor right now though.

Hope to see you around!