Oneiros Sileni - Looking for players to join me on a journey through my world! (DND 5e)

Good News Everyone!
As per King Snees declaration I am happy to announce, that I am currently hiring 4-6 adventurers to go on a quest to the western holdings of the Kingdom!

Modalities down below!

Hello to all reading this!

I am currently cooking up a little setting I’m calling “Oneiros Sileni” with

  • a healthy sprinkle of Terry Pratchett madness,
  • a dusting of Grimms Tales darkness,
  • a drop of strange fae tomfoolery,
  • a pinch of early fantasy weirdness,
  • a dash of 50s-70s Sword & Sorcery,
  • a drizzle of Tolkienesque classics,
  • a tad of Walter Moers’ absurdness.
  • a dapple of Stephen King’s crazyness.

Add to that some Monty Python and Blackadder, Some Futurama and Lovecraft, some fairytales from around the world, the dark and twisted versions, and out comes a hopefully fun little world to explore. :world_map:

I think you get the kind of setting I have in mind.
Weird and strange and dark and dangerous, where nothing is at it seems, where everything seems possible no matter how improbable, and every step may lead to madness, but also a very silly world with a lot of strange nonsense, strong magic, and idk. :boom: :dizzy:

I honestly do not know where this campaign is going. (except to find King Snees missing pumpkin delivery obviously)
I will be growing it organically as we move along and a lot, or rather all of it to be honest, will depend on where you go and what you do.
I have a lot of themes, topics, ideas and such, and I have a TON of NPCs, creatures and encounters ready to go any time! :wink:

I’d be thrilled for you to join me to explore this little world of mine!

Organizational things

This will be a hybrid campaign. I am planning on running a weekly session online, preferably between Monday and Thursday, that will last approx. 4 hours per session.
In addition to this I would like to have 1-2 sessions a month in person, preferably on Weekends, these sessions can last anywhere from 4-8hours.

Obviously, all of this will have to be in consideration of everyone’s schedule, so the details will be worked out once we have a group together. Due to its hybrid nature you a decent headset/mic setup is a requirement, a camera would also be of great help and would make it easier to work with.

We will be playing via Discord & Owlbear Rodeo, but feel free to use whatever program or papers you want to keep track of your characters.

Application Process

There is a Player Application Form to fill out, where I ask basic questions of what you are looking for, what you are wanting from the game, hopes and expectations, as well as boundaries and topics or themes to avoid. This is has a few reasons:

  • To help me build a group of 4-5 players who mesh well together and have similar interests and focuses when a player in a DND game.
  • To help me direct the game in the direction my players want (more/less RP, more/less combat, amount of magic items etc.) within the confines of my game.
  • For my players to be able to voice their interests right from the begining, and to be able to join a campaign that aligns with their playstyle.
  • To create a safe environment for my players and avoid potential triggers or themes people do not feel comfortable with.

Applications are not first come first serve, take your time, they will close on Dec 24th at midnight.

If you want to join with a friend/friends, there is a field in the form where you can put an agreed upon group name so that I know you belong together. :slight_smile:

What happens then?

Once I have made a selection of potential players we will be doing a lvl 5 One-Shot according to the V.A.L.U.E. rules just to see how the group meshes and how the dynamic is.

After that there will be a In-Person Session 0, where we will talk more about the game and the setting, about house rules, and where we will roll up your characters together.

This has various reasons – on the one hand I use a different Ability-Point Roll system than usual, but also it enables us to create characters with possibly interlocking backstories, and makes it easier to get a good, fitting group of characters together, also it enables you to ask me questions about the world, and to use that information in character & backstory creation. All official WOTC releases (as outlined here) will be allowed, so you can have a look beforehand, but please do not come to Session 0 with a pre-determined character, I’d hate for you to have a fixed character idea in mind, only to realise that it won’t work during session 0.

The plot hook for your characters, why they are here and what they are doing will also be revealed and workshopped together in that Session 0.


Player Application Form is live now and will stay open till midnight on December 24th. I will try to answer everyone by the 26th. I will then be gone (with no access to any of my electronics) till January, would like to do the One-Shot in the week 15-22nd of jan, Session 0 the following week, and then we should hopefully be ready to get started. :smiley:

My personal NO-GOs and non-negotiable boundaries (if your boundaries are stronger/stricter, please let me know in the application, I want to respect everyone’s boundaries where they are!)

NO sexual violence

Not implied, not mentioned, no exceptions.

NO violence against children, NO slavery

Possible exception backstory wise, but I will not describe or depict it, and I will not allow it being done by player characters either. I do not feel comfortable RPing or depicting anything like this.

NO sexism, NO homophobia or transphobia, fully LGBTIQA+ friendly

I do not compromise on LGTBIQA+ topics. There could be non-binary NPCs, TransNPCs, QueerNPCs and AceNPCs or any other, and I will not role-play them being attacked by player characters nor by “baddies”, be it verbally or physically.
I do not feel comfortable role-playing or depicting that.
There is to much of that in the real world unfortunately, no need to bring that into my world. All forms of Sexuality and Gender-Identity are a given norm in my world where no-one would ever question them, therefore it is a non-topic. :rainbow:

NO racism

Racism as a topic in a fantasy setting, or as a background thing is a possibility (i.e. dwarves and elves not being great friends, orcs being feared, etc,) as long as it does not impede gameplay, and as long as it doesn’t lead to serious inner-party conflicts. I will not tolerate racist behaviour from PCs or players. There is to much of that anyway, no need to bring it into my world.

Why all this effort, application form, one-shot, session 0 and all of that?

I need to have an environment I feel comfortable in to be able to deliver my best.
I just want us all to be able to relax and enjoy a good time together. DnD is a release for me, a place where I can let my mind run wild, and I am not willing to compromise on my mind’s peace and quiet, and do not want this to lead to anxiety or any negative feelings.

I gladly invite you into my world, but I want and must feel comfortable with the people I play with, and I want everyone else to feel comfortable too. :hugs:

I want to ensure that the campaign can last a long time, that everyone that joins us would really like to do this on a regular basis, and that we can tell some great stories together, that we all get what we want from the game and have a fun time. :partying_face:

I think that’s all, though I’m sure I’ve forgotten things, so if there are any questions you still have that I haven’t answered above please feel free to ask!

Looking forward to reading your applications and to start an amazing adventure together! :hugs: Let me know what you think! :smiley:


Tis truly the campaign season. New campaigns sprouting out of the ground everywhere like flowers in the spring. I smell adventure

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Hey👋🏻 filled out the form earlier, lmk if you got it✨

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