Looking for D&D (5e) group plus dm for regular offline, online or hybrid campaign based in Vienna

Hello fellow RPG lovers!

My name is Lea (30, she/her) and I’m a big D&D and Critical Role fan. Im currently running a Wildemount campaign with some friends, but would love to be able to explore and grow a character of my own as a player!

I have some years experience and would love to find a group (new players welcome!) to play with, who are interested in a roleplay-loving, story driven long-term campaign (preferably in English).

Since finding time in person can be tricky even for very dedicated players, I’m quite interested in potentially trying a hybrid version as I’ve read of on here! Like with regular (weekly?) online sessions plus some in-person sessions in Vienna as time allows?

I’m new to this platform, so Im not sure how it all works or how communication works, but if you’re interested and/or are maybe a dm looking for a group, I’d love to hear from you!

Looking forward to getting to know some of you lovable nerds!

Don’t forget to love each other, Lea


We have had great success with hybrid campaigns - 100 sessions and counting, can heartily recommend it.

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Hi! I’m Gina (23, she/they) and I’d be super interested in joining a hybrid campaign as a player! I got into D&D through watching Critical Role about 3 years ago and have only managed to join a handful of friday night VALUE games last year. I also play the occasional one-shot with a fee friends online although that has not really been a regular thing at all. I’ve been on the lookout for a story driven campaign (or multiple part oneshot) to join for a while now and am very interested in a hybrid format since I tend to not spend all of my semester breaks in Vienna.

Whether a campaign is actually going to happen from this or if it’s just finding a new critter friend to talk about the latest CR episodes with, I’d love to hear from you either here or on discord (@ stardewchicken) :blush:

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Hey, Gina!

I sent you an invite for discord to nerd about CR ^^

I hope we’ll find a nice group of players!

I’ve already gotten a message from a possible dm, although I don’t think they’re planning on doing hybrid. I’ll ask them, though, and will keep my eye out!

I’ll keep you posted via discord for now :slight_smile:


I (Dan, 30, he/him) am planning to run a new campaign starting Mid-January once all the holidays are over and I have more time again. I’m running 2,5-year old campaign, and would love to build another 4-5 player game. I am planing on doing a weekly online game, as well as in person games if the schedules of all players involved allow it, so hybrid!

I’m cooking up a nothing is at is seems magic setting (DnD 5e), with

  • a healthy sprinkle of Terry Pratchett madness,
  • a dusting of Grimms Tales darkness,
  • a drop of strange fae tomfoolery,
  • a pinch of early fantasy weirdness,
  • a dash of 50s-70s Sword & Sorcery,
  • a drizzle of Tolkienesque classics,
  • and a tad of Walter Moers’ absurdness.

I will be writing up a proper post with more information in the next week or two.

If this sounds interesting to you (or anyone else reading this) shoot me a DM or reply here, and I’ll let you know as soon as my post is up! :partying_face:

There will also be a (reasonable) Player Application Form to fill out, where I ask basic questions of what you are looking for, what you are wanting from the game, hopes and expectations, aswell as boundaries and topics or themes to avoid. This is has a few reasons:

  • To help me build a group of 4-5 players who mesh well together and have similar interests and focuses when a player in a DND game.
  • To help me direct the game in the direction my players want (more/less RP, more/less combat, amount of magic items etc.) within the confines of my game.
  • For my players to be able to voice their interests right from the begining, and to be able to join a campaign that aligns with their playstyle.
  • To create a safe environment for my players and avoid potential triggers or themes people do not feel comfortable with.

As stated above, I will want to start after the holidays and once I am back from a trip I’m taking over New Years, so I’m aiming at starting this up in the week of Jan 15th-Jan 21st 2024.

Anyway, have a wonderfull week! :sunny:

PS: I don’t expect this to be a problem, nevertheless I feel the need to state the following non-negotiables for me personally: NO sexual violence, NO violence against children, NO sexism, NO homophobia or transphobia, NO racism, fully LGBTIQA+ friendly :rainbow:.


Hey, I’d like to play with you as well.

All the weirdness sounds fun to play with. (Wildmount sounds fun too)

Hi, if there is still room for another Player, I would like to join your Game : )

You’re welcome to contact taneli_sol for the new campaign! I think it won’t be in Wildemount though, that’s just my other campaign atm :slight_smile:

Post about that campaign and how to join is live now! FInd it by clicking here!

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