One shots [in September..?[

Hey there!

GM and player from around the way, I am coming for a visit with family in September and was wondering if there is any chance to check out some of the local scene.

We would be very happy to join a game, or if there isn’t something planned, maybe plan one~! [we play 5e, ose, knave, and will be happy for other systems as well]

Do you know of anything or if i should check somewhere else?



You might want to check out our VALUE games, which typically are weekly, open one-shots similar to Adventurer’s League. Also, I am sure some one-shots willl be played outside of VALUE as well.

Where is VALUE games? Is there a link?

There is a thread each week to sign up for VALUE games. This is the thread for this friday: We V.A.L.U.E WoWKeepers - #20 by Tea007 There you can find a link to the VALUE rules too.

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Are the meetings in English?
Is there any costs to participating?

yes the meetings are in english
costs depend on location, with some location a minimum consumption is required (or at least recommended), others might have a non-members fee after a certain number of times (non-members of the locations host group, not rpgvienna)

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