Night of the Rolling Dice - Q&A and more

This is official supporting thread for our open game night ‘Night of the Rolling Dice’.

DMs will post description of their games below. Feel free to write them directly or post below if you wish reserve spot at particular game.

Of course feel free to post your questions below too. One of the organizers will answer.

Feel free to join as a player at the event page (meetup). We are limited to 50 players, so RSVP to reserve your spot asap
Or join our Vienna Dungeons & Dragons Meetup Group

Principles of Participation

Below you will find a short list of rules and suggestions that, in our opinion, should ensure that the event is inclusive and welcoming. Please read it carefully.

How to get the most of the game

which will have many first time players and tables who have not played together before, we would suggest the following:

  • Be part of the group - work together with the rest of your adventuring party, you can get more done as a team than a handful of lone wolves
  • Share the spotlight - give everyone a chance to shine
  • Bite hooks - you are the heroes, when adventure calls, answer!
  • Let the dice tell the story - embrace the critical failures to make the critical successes all the more glorious

Code of Conduct (CoC)

Writing our own CoC we decided to take advantage of the Code of Conduct from the Adventurers League.

We strongly feel that all participants are here to have fun and should ALWAYS feel safe and included. Moreover, all participants (such as players, dungeon masters, organisers and staff) are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

  • Participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the enjoyment and safety of others at the event.
  • Avoid excessively vulgar, sexual, or overly mature language and themes.
  • Follow the Dungeon Master’s lead, avoid arguing with the Dungeon Master or other players over rules.
  • Let other players speak, avoid talking over others.
  • Avoid excessive cross-talk that is not relevant to the adventure being played.
  • Allow other players to get attention from the Dungeon Master.
  • Discourage others from using social media to bully, shame, or intimidate other participants.
  • Avoid phone conversations at the table. If you must take a call, please excuse yourself from the table.
  • We will not tolerate theft or aggressive behaviour. Theft and aggressive behaviour are reasons for immediate removal from the play area.
  • Aggressive behaviour includes threats of or actual physical aggression, using racial, gender, or cultural slurs against another participant, and otherwise harassing other participants.

What to do if you feel uncomfortable during the game

If you feel uncomfortable, notify a staff member or your Dungeon Master.

A Dungeon Master has the right to ask a disruptive player to leave the table.

The Organizers have the right to remove any disruptive or aggressive participant in the event from the play area.

To ensure that everyone feels comfortable, particularly when playing with others for the first time, we will have X-Cards on the tables.

An X-card is a tool to keep content at the table comfortable for everyone. It is a card with an X on it, and if the content of the game is making you feel uncomfortable, tap the card to signal to the Dungeon Master that they should skip forward from the current content.

The X-Card was designed by John Stavropoulos and more information about it can be found on his website.


Wow - not even 24 hours and we’re half full - even if a good chunk of that is our DM’s I was not expecting quite so many so soon…


Wow indeed. Wondering if the reddit post did it.


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Hi everyone! I’m Kaiser, I’ll be DMing a table at the event. Please @Kaiser for a spot!

I am a very improv/narrative focused DM, so expect lots of laughs and sitcomy stuff.

Where: Phandalin, a small mining town 2 days travel south east of Neverwinter
When: Several weeks after the end of the D&D Movie "Honor Among Theives"
What: Zoinks Scooby, is that a creepy crawly zombie I see!
Who: T1 characters, new players


Do you expect quite a few of the tables to be suitable for complete beginners?

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Actually, most of the tables will be for complete beginners :slight_smile: For complete beginners I would also recommend getting in earlier and attending our charachter building workshop.

Hope that answers you question.

For sure, thank you! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’m Arthilas, and I will DM a table as well. Please @Arthilas for a spot!

I am a DM for more serious games, particularly fond of challenging dungeon crawls and horror adventures in general.

I’ll be DMing Don’t Say Vecna (Tier 4, level 20).

Where: Candlekeep, the Castle of Tomes. The greatest library at the sword coast, home to many scholars and researchers, home to many tomes, some more eldritch or vile than others.
When: At a time of dread, a time you certainly don’t want to be alive in… The dead are restless, the living are dying, the forests are withering - Necromancy is in the air. Something bad will happen - unless you as a group of radiant heroes can prevent it.
What: An entire tower of Candlekeep disappeared over night. All that is left behind is its foundation… and a bone from a left hand.
Who: T4 characters, experienced players
Why: Because… I enjoy high-level gameplay. The more powerful the heroes are, the badder my monsters can be.

If there are not enough players to fill a Tier 4 table, I will run the Death House instead (Tier 1 or Tier 2).

Where: Barovia, the domain of dread ruled by none other than tyrant Count Stahd von Zarovich
When: When the mists get you. That can happen at any time.
What: Two little children beg you for help. They are scared by the monster that is, as they say, in the basement of their family’s mansion…
Who: T1 or T2 characters, experienced players
Why: Because… I like dungeon crawls and horror-themed adventures. And this is a true classic among 5e adventures.


Hi everyone! I’m takanari, I’ll be DMing an adventure based on some quests in world of warcraft

Where: lakeshire, in the eastern kingdoms of azeroth.
When: next Saturday dudum tssss
What: Orks! Those goddamn Orks!
Who: T1 or T2 characters, new players
Why: because stormwind doesn’t send enough guards.

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Sorry for the late reply, most of the tables are planned to be for complete beginners. The event is primarly an outreach and introduction event for RPG Vienna and our V.A.L.U.E. meetings.


Hi guys,
I would be really looking forward to enjoy and participate in a game on the Night of the Rolling Dice (also huge WOW fan over here), but it seems like that there are no spots left for this event on the page. However, I still wanted to ask, if there is by any chance the possibility, to join a game or even “just” the workshop on Saturday evening?
Alle the best!

Hey guys! I’m ThatGuyTed or just Ted for short and I will run a quaint little investiagion adventure. Items keep disappearing from houses all over Neverwinter without a trace.

Where: Neverwinter
When: during fall
What: Crime-solving, rat-themed, investigation, adventure
Who: local nobles, excentric storekeepers, night watchmen hopped up on coffee and of course you the new players with your T1 characters
Why: Because the guards don’t know what’s happening.

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Hi, the place is indeed full at the moment. If anyone cancels, those on waiting list will get an option to RSVP (based on registration order). As we have quite a lot of people on waiting list it does not seem likely that there would be anything open before Saturday.

However, you are definitely welcome to:

  1. Drop by on saturday anyway (early enough) to meet the crew. If registered people wont show up by 17:45 we will be giving their spaces to other guests on first-came-first-served basis.
  2. Simply join one of our open D&D tables. Most run weekly (Friday and Saturday). Look for V.A.L.U.E. in the title (such as open games this Friday at WOWkeepers). Just post in the thread that you will come so organizers know how many players to prep for.

Hope that was helpful


Hello fine folks! My name is Elias and I will be running an adapted adventure from the “Forge of Fury”.

I believe in a “To break the rules, you need to know the rules first” approach. That doesn’t mean that players need to know any rules, but that I will guide through the game and rules in a very beginner friendly way.
I love down-to-earth adventures and a feeling of “reality” or versimilitude :smiley: Players and NPC’s should feel real, and best case, players should feel the impact of their actions for what they are. I’m not a huge fan of joke characters or things that wildly clash with the world setting.

The adventure brings lvl 3 characters into the reality of bounty hunting for competent, but not heroic adcenturers. I’ll encourage a team athmosphere, where the characters already know each other and work together.

Where: north of Blasingdell, a town in the far north close to the “Spine of the World”.
When: Early Winter, just before the mountain passes become impossible to traverse
What: Bounty hunting and possible rescue mission against the ever looming threat of Orcs!
Who: T1 characters, new players. Starting at lvl 3 (with an extra feat!)
Why: I wrote a synopsis you can look at, which gives a little context for the region and the quest you are on!

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Hi! I was just confirmed for a spot, which I honestly wasn’t even expecting anymore, so I’m a little caught off guard. I just have one question: do I choose tomorrow which table to play at or do I need to let someone know about this today? And I have some experience with 5e, should I just being a collection of characters with one for each tier?

Hi, answering your questions

Some DMs already posted teaser of their game above in the thread. If you would like to join specific game just post here or write DM directly. Alterntively we will assign you to a table on the check-in.

I would suggest having a Tier1 charachter as most of the tables will be Tier1. However if you have higher lvl charachters, definitely feel free to bring them along. If we have enough players on higher Tier we will try to arrange a game for them.

Hope that answers your questions. Looking forward seeing you today!

I volunteered to be admin, so (unless someone locks themselves out of their place again, like last night) I will plan to be there at 4.

I’ll compile a list of board names/real names/adventure details and hang out by the entrance to the room so I can welcome and guide people to where they need to go. If people have no preference or reservation I will suggest seating them based on balanced table numbers but will defer to the player and DM.

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Hey, I was wondering if you still have 2 seats available for your game? If you do, we would love to join.