Newcomer from Vienna

Hello =)
I have been thinking about starting D&D for quite some time and have finally made the plunge. However, I am still seeking a gaming group in/around Vienna for ADVENTURE!
I am 27 and working in pharmaceuticals - so I am usually only free on the weekends.

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Hi Andy! Thanks for dropping by and welcome!

If you have a look around, you’ll see that there’s a regular meetup at the Spielbar every Thursday if you can make it.

A couple of us are thinking about trying something with which I think will take place at the weekend. So, if you don’t mind playing online that could also be a possibility.

Hi Neil!

I was wondering: Is D&D played on Thursdays at the Spielbar? I am definitely coming but I was worried that D&D wouldn’t be played. Also, how easy (or hard) is it for a level 1 character to join the more seasoned adventurerers?

Concerning both the online gaming and the meetups - I am in the middle of character creation and would need to known how accepted Tieflings or Drows are with the DMs around ^^

Will register and download Roll20 too, as it sounds quite promising.

Thank you for contacting me and letting me know!

Kind Regards,

I haven’t been to the Spielbar in a while so I’m a little hesitant to speak for the ‘regulars’ there.

The ‘RPG Vienna’ group is very laid back and fun. they typically play one-shots and the choice of system is rarely D&D but mainly interesting Indie type RPGs. However, if you specifically say you’re interested in a D&D 5e intro game someone may be willing to run one for you.

Make a post in one of the Spielbar threads to see if anyone would be interested in an intro game. Alternatively, just turn up and play (chances are it will be a different system though!) and don’t worry, a lot of people who play at the Spielbar are newcomers and in some cases haven’t even played RPGs before but everyone is very friendly and more than willing to show people the ropes.

Lastly, there tends to be more people at the Spielbar when the weather gets warmer. We’re still in the middle of winter right now so attendance isn’t as high as it will be in a few months.

Simon mentioned that he’s planning on running 5th edition, probably sometime in Februaury. I have a bit of D&D up my sleeve as well, albeit sans tieflings.

[quote=“Neil, post:4, topic:1834, full:true”]
I haven’t been to the Spielbar in a while[/quote]
Time to rectify that, then!


I’d be interested in trying this Roll20 event. What time are you thinking of doing this? What would be the maximum limit of people to join? I can imagine with too many people it might get a bit unruly.


At some point I’d love to start a new D&D 5e group. I don’t have much experience with pen and paper, but i’d love to try it like you. Shall we arrange something with a few others who are interested and see if @Simon can give us some insider tips?

Tips for D20 or D&D5?

And yes, I am planning on running a D&D game, the starter set, AFAIK, maybe next week…


Let me know if you do. It would be great to get to know the D&D5e system. I’ll make it a priority to join!


Aw bugger. I already came up with one character (a Tiefling Warlock) and have a rough concept for another one (a Drow Rogue), but both are using the content only found in the PHB and not in the Starter set =(


The starter set is just a smaller version of the PHB, so there shouldn’t be a problem :wink:

With “starter set” he mainly meant the campaign “Lost Mine of Phandelver” that is included in the starter set. It’s pretty good :slight_smile:

That’s no problem because…

Quite indeedly so.
I would bring the pre-gens too, for people to chose from but, as long as you have an official D&D5 character, 's all good, man… (I’d prefer it to be generated on the array or point buy method, though… Just so that I don’t have to raise my eyebrows sarcastically when I learn somebody rolled five 18s in a row…

Yeah I didn’t really roll any die at all when I created my character(s). Also, I am in for the fun of the game and flaws make for better rpg material than advantages. Hence I tend to create somewhat flawed characters rather than OP ones, as it makes them much more interesting.

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