Thu Feb 2, 02017, Spielbar 7pm (open gaming night)

Hello! It’s been a long time! The next two weeks will feature a limited-time return of the member with the most confusing screen name (and I dare you to get H started on the bad grammar!). I know it’s early to start planning, but anyone know yet if they’ll make it?

Pshaw. There are several dozen perfectly legitimate adjectives ending in -ly. What’s one more between friends?

(Hey, I’ve held back from disparaging 5th Ed and Roll20 - you think a little thing like this is going to set me off? :slight_smile:)

Anyway, no reason I shouldn’t be there next week. Looking forward to seeing you!

I’m pretty sure I’ll make it :+1:

Seeing as how there is a fellow Canadian, named Ed oddly enough, I think I will not attend. Count that as too many Canadians for one table.

Just kidding. I have other plans Thursday, but I would love to have made it.

Enjoy the evening everyone, I will be sure to make it as soon as I can!

No worries, I’ll be there next week too. Every group needs more Canucks!

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I’m planning on being there…

I try to come as well, but might be late (even more than usual - have an appointment before at a dentist…)
@Simon as I assume, H won’t continue the 007 game this night (as Crimson_Skye won’t attend this time) , will you run a D&D game?

No worries about Bond; I can just as easily run something else.

See you on Thursday!

Looks like I maybe able to make it tonight. Sorry about the late notification and see you all there.

What he said ^ see you later!

Of course you guys are coming. Otherwise there wouldn’t be 7 of us.

@DoomCarrot - I think he is on to us

I’ll drop by too. Crap, now we’re 8? We have to organise this better next time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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