Newbie looking for group

Hello there!

I am an English and German speaking tabletop RPG Newbie and I was hoping to find a group that is meeting up close to me and is willing to adopt me!
The Spielbar and Zehnsiebzig are a bit too far away for me, as I don’t want to travel almost an hour that late at night (or early in the morning). I am living in 1210, close to the Bahnhof Floridsdorf!


Hello :slight_smile:

Considering that you live close to the U6 Floridsdorf, and you would only need to go to U6 Alserstraße for Spielbar or U6 Burggasse for Zehnsiebzig, how is that too far away for you? :wink:

Well it takes me 40 minutes to get there and around 20 minutes of walking, and as I said I’m not very comfortable walking around and traveling (especially u6) at midnight

@nachtmahr i’ve been in the same situation in floridsdorf for many years. I feel ya.

Hi! I live near U6 Handelskai and am looking for a couple of people to play through the D&D Essentials story with me. If you’re interested, we could meet up somewhere and have a look at the stuff together :slight_smile:

This is it