Newbie looking for group

Hello there!

I am an English and German speaking tabletop RPG Newbie and I was hoping to find a group that is meeting up close to me and is willing to adopt me!
The Spielbar and Zehnsiebzig are a bit too far away for me, as I don’t want to travel almost an hour that late at night (or early in the morning). I am living in 1210, close to the Bahnhof Floridsdorf!


Hello :slight_smile:

Considering that you live close to the U6 Floridsdorf, and you would only need to go to U6 Alserstraße for Spielbar or U6 Burggasse for Zehnsiebzig, how is that too far away for you? :wink:

Well it takes me 40 minutes to get there and around 20 minutes of walking, and as I said I’m not very comfortable walking around and traveling (especially u6) at midnight

@nachtmahr i’ve been in the same situation in floridsdorf for many years. I feel ya.

Hi! I live near U6 Handelskai and am looking for a couple of people to play through the D&D Essentials story with me. If you’re interested, we could meet up somewhere and have a look at the stuff together :slight_smile:

This is it

Hey! :slight_smile:
I live at Dresdner Straße and am a total newbie! :smile: However, I think the kit looks really interesting.
Is there a possibility for me to join in?

Hi! Yes definitely, no-one else has responded yet :slight_smile: Would you like to meet up sometime and have a look at the stuff together?

if you guys are meeting up, I would love to join. I’m not a newbie, but I would love to check out the Essentials Kit as well :slight_smile:

The question is just where and if everyone is comfortable with meeting.

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Hey guys :slight_smile:
I live near Jägerstrasse. I am new to D&D but i got really interested in it lately (watching critical role right now).
I would very much like to join your meet up and check out the essentials kit with you.
Should we first meet in a bar or restaurant? And see where we go from there?
If we are not that many it should be fine i guess?

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Bar would be better I think. The Spielbar is pretty good for that, as it has a table in the back for some privacy :slight_smile: I just don’t know until when they are open these days.
Or if anyone knows something good near the U6 :slight_smile:

This sunday would work for me, but next week also.

Yeah Pielbar sounds good to me. I guess they should be open until 23:00h.
Sunday is not that good for me during the week next week would work for me? How about the others?

What day would work best for you?

I really miss playing DnD in person…

Would you mind if I join as well, at least until VALUE comes back? I have played Lost MInes from the Starter Set already, but not the adventure of the Essentials Kit (Dragon if Icespire Peak) yet. I am not availabe on thursday, other days during the week should work for me :slight_smile:

I probably can’t do it on Mondays, but the other days, I’m available :slight_smile:
How about Wednesday at 7pm?

Wednesday would work well for me :slight_smile:
7pm sounds good.

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Cool I’ll be there :slight_smile:

So, 7pm wednesday in Spielbar, right?

Are you fine with me coming as well?

Hi everyone! Unfortunately I didn’t see your previous messages so I couldn’t come yesterday but if there are still some possibilities, I would be very interested in joining your group. I’m also a newbie both in tabletop RPGs (only played twice) and in D&D, but I’m full of good will! :slight_smile:

Hello lovely people! :dragon_face:
I guess you have met by now? How did it go? Did you agree on regular gaming schedule?
I am asking because I live very close to the U6 Dresdner Strasse and would be very happy to join! I have played a few times and ran the Lost Mines for one session. So as far as I understood, we are on similar levels of experience!
Looking forward to hear from you :grin:

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