Newbie looking for group


I’ve never ever played any pen and paper games. I’m pretty much into boardgames and videogames, but non of my friends plays dungeons and dragons. Also I’m kind of new to Vienna and now I’m just looking for a possibility to give it it try. Any recommendations for me how to get in touch with dungeons and dragons? I don’t care where in Vienna, I’m super flexible. I also don’t care if it’s in English or German. Not a must have, but if I can bring my dog it’s a nice plus, but as I sad absolutely not mandatory. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kindness and hopefully helpful reply’s !


yes we have already met. It’ll be my first time DMing, so I would like to stick with the group size we have now… sorry :confused:
But in the future, I’m open to letting more join. :slight_smile:
Hope thats ok

Hey Kleen! I understand. Such a pity, seems I was only a week too late :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I hope your game goes well! :love_you_gesture:

@Tobi nice to see that there are even more people interested into getting a “newbie round” going. Do you think we should give it another try and open another topic to look for other players?

@Kleen No problem, thanks a lot for your reply and good luck with your first DMing :wink:

@Schnitzl If you plan to create another newbie group, I’m still interested in joining, with a preference to play in English, if it’s not a problem :relaxed:

Im also totally up for it !! :slight_smile: sounds perfect! And for me it’s fine in German and English! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry anyone whose message I didn’t reply to! I had the wrong setting on and only just discovered all these messages.

Anyone who wants to start another ‘newbie’ campaign - feel free to send me a PM - I was thinking of making a whatsapp group for all the people who have messaged to say they’re new and want to start playing :slight_smile: