New to Vienna, LFG, and also just saying hi!

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, I’m somewhere in my twenties and I’m from New Zealand originally.

I am brand new to Vienna and I’m looking for a RPG group/campaign to join. I started playing DnD 10 years ago (good grief I can’t beieve it’s been that long) and know 3ed and 5ed pretty well. But I’ve also dabbled in pathfinder and other smaller campaigns. I’ve even DM’d a few smaller campaigns.

And because I’m new to the city, I’m really keen to meet some fellow awesome nerds! So even if you don’t have a group but would be keen to talk games, Books, tv, movies, or even just sit in companionable silence over a good coffee… hit me up.

Oh, and just be warned, my German is very average, although I am learning! Just very slowly…

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Hey and Welcome! :smiley:

Dont worry about German, games are always in English (to my knowledge).

Things might’ve slowed down a bit because of the summer holidays. But hopefully you’ll join on some of our weekly meetups!
There’s a thread about it every week where people clarify if they can make it and willing DMs can decide if they want to run something.


As @Dusan says we have weekly meets every Thursday 7pm @ Spielbar where we play one-shots of whatever someone wants to run. They are usually just turn up and play, but it helps to post on that week’s thread that you will be there to ensure there will be enough players and DMs (this week’s thread: Thursday 26th july, ~7pm @spielbar).

Hope to see you soon.

That’s all I needed to hear! Welcome to the forum :grin: