Thursday 26th july, ~7pm @spielbar

I plan on being there and possible run a AL legal D&D 5E game (feel free to bring your own 1st level character made according to the AL rules, but of course i’ll also have a couple of pregens on hand)

who else plans on being there?

I’ll be there. Hopefully I’ll have something to run as a backup as well.

I will join.


I played my first round of D&D 5E a few weeks ago and I would like to come again and bring two friends. They are new to the game and didn’t have time to create proper characters yet.

Can we join you?


as usual this still is the open game night, so of course you and your friends are welcome, as i’ve stated i’ll bring some pre gens at least, so no worries about that,
as for other games, pretty much everybody who dms either dms something with easy/fast character creation or brings pre gens :slight_smile:


I am totally new to DnD, I often talked with friends about it and finally I had some time to do some research.
Me and a friend of mine would like to join on Thursday and get insight about the game, we are totally new.
I am just watching a video about the very basics.
We have no equipment, no knowledge and probably no skills, but we would love to learn it.

Would you recomend th thursday meetings at spielbar as a good point for people to enter the realms of DnD?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

well this thursday there is 1 guaranteed dnd 5e game, so this week is probably a good starting point
other weeks it depends on what the people willing to run a game are running :smiley:, but i’d say that all of them usually are fun and easy enough for completely new players too

i’m prepared to handle up to 5 or 6 players, and i don’t mind if any or all of them are completely new to DnD or role playing games in general

I certainly plan on coming :slight_smile:

I can be there. I would like to play but in case of worst case scenario, I will have something D&D prepared with official rules and whatnot :slight_smile:

I will join today

I will also try to join for D&D 5E (hopefully there is still room?) if I get out of work early enough. If I manage to come, I will bring an AL legal character as well :slight_smile:

i plan on being there early (~17:30-18:00), in case anybody wants to do their own AL legal character and needs help … i’ll have most available stuff on me

sounds great, I’ll be there around 18:00. See you there!

Sorry even tho i wanted to this rain has been insane and i feel like i would rather sit this one out

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