New players DnD 5e Meetup!

Hi folks,

so I’ve been seeing a lot of new players flocking in and casually asking for ways to find a group or any way to get into playing DnD.

It seems the best way to get as many people to play in a regular campaign as possible, would be to have a proper meet-up at spielbar with any and all, interested in finding a group.
I suggest we won’t play, but just get to know each other and if there’s enough interest, make further arrangements there.

I’m very new to the game myself, but wouldnt mind DMing. If there’s a more experienced player out there who would like to participate or even DM, that would be even better.

If there are more people than one group can handle I’m sure we will find a way around that.

So, I’ll just go ahead and suggest Wednesday, 5th of September, 18:30 for that meet-up (wont take as long as AL).

Anyone interested, please announce yourself. I think i’ll have to reserve something.

See ya


Hey @Wonderwonka! I would love to participate! However, I will be back in Italy for the month of September, so I won’t be able to make it for the meeting. Count me in though (I can send some -unauthorized- credentials :joy:)

Hi I have never played D&D before but have been reading the rules lately and would very much like to try it out in the near future. Therefore I would be very interested to at least meet up next week :smile:

Great Stuff!
At the moment, we’ll be 4 people meeting next week and stochastic wolf joining later.

I still encourage anyone to come, there’s enough space and no prior knowledge required. The worst that can happen is that we have a nice evening :slight_smile:

I think I will join as well. I played only a few times and never DMed, but I would be open to try DMing a little thing in the future.

Awesome initiative :slight_smile: I am already involved in two different campaigns but the more the merrier!

It would be interesting to join a group of not-so-experienced people like myself and start an independent campaign. I’ll join on Wednesday and we can talk a bit about it.

By the way: I have all the books a player could possibly need on DnD Beyond (a digital toolset for DnD players) and I plan on getting the master tier subscription.

That basically means that anyone playing the campaign will have full access to all DnD content in digital form, including some neat tools like character creators etc.

So, no need to buy any books. We will go over the features at the meeting and how to access it.

Edit: for clarity

Hi all, count me in for this Wednesday (if it is still possible). I don’t mind Dming for D&D 5e and/or Discworld. Anyway can’t wait to meet all of you this Wednesday. Where would the Spielbar be?

Hi, the place is Lederergasse 26, Vienna. A experienced DM is always welcome.

I wouldn’t be able to make it this Wednesday, but would you mind summarising here what you discussed in case there is room for another player?

Sure thing. If you can PM me what days of the week you’ve got time it will be easier to consider in our plans!

I am not sure if i can make it on wensday bit I’ll try to be there

I already play a rouge in another campain but i wuld like to try a spellcaster

I am an absolute beginner in Spells so maby I’ll need some explaination in this but I already know the basic game mechanics

Hey all, I would love to join the meetup. Experienced pathfinder, DnD 5ed and 3.5ed player. New to Vienna and would love to start a campaign. I have the tools to DM a 5ed game but I’m a little rusty.

Sorry, something come up and I cant make it on Wednesday. Also I am flexibel this month, but I am not sure how my Uni courses will be in Oktober. I will try to consider whatever dates you guys chose, when I pick my courses.

From the looks of it we might form two complete parties :smiley:


I would love to join :slight_smile: I have some experience with D&D before, but would absolutely love to play as a player.
I cant this week, but have time next wednesday for some D&Ding!

I should be able to join! Cya tomorrow :slight_smile:


I am currently in a 5e campaign but if my schedule permits I would love to play.
Will be there on WED :wink:

Edit: got the date wrong ^^

@Wonderwonka D&D Beyond looks awesome from what I’ve been able to see so far and I wanted to propose using it for a campaign anyway on Wednesday :smiley:
I’m very looking forward to meeting everyone !!

So just to make sure: Meet-up is at the Spielbar (Lederergasse) at 18h30 ?

Hey hey,
this sounds like fun! I’m looking for a D&D Group in Vienna, too.
I won’t be able to be there as soon as 18:30 this Wednesday. I think i can get there until 19:30. :thinking:
I hope you guys have a lot to talk about and will stick around long enough for me to meet you.

I’ll try to make it tomorrow. I may end up being late depending on how long I have to stay at work. I’ve played 5e a couple of times and would like to play more regularly.