New players DnD 5e Meetup!


I’m almost overwhelmed by the great reaction here :smiley: Really looking forward to meeting everyone!

I’ll be there a little early, and plan on staying for a few hours, so no need to worry about coming too late. We have tables reserved at the back room. If you haven’t been there before, just ask at the bar or go straight in and through the glass door, can’t miss it.

See you tomorrow!


@Phipsovic yup, that’s the place


Will be late.


Sorry I was not able to be there today
Is anyone tomorrow there to

Did you worked out who will run the game, it wuld be amazing if I could join in one party


Ironically, I just found this group today and am looking for some group to play D&D with.

I would most gladly DM here, or play as my own character. :slight_smile: looking forward to hear from everyone.


Hi everyone!

A quick summary for everyone who couldn’t make it and anyone else:

As it stands right now, we have enough players for 2 groups. Depending on how the next few days work out, maybe even three.

We decided to play the same official module in all groups and trying to have a somewhat similar frequency for playing. This way we make sure that players have the possibility to change the group if something doesn’t work out or too many people lose interest at one table, getting to keep their charakter and knowing the setting already.

The module we settled on is Curse of Strahd. At the moment, Gotti90 and me will be the DM’s for the campaigns, Gotti being very experienced and me being very new to this.
The targeted frequency is once a week, most likely on wednesdays and thursdays. If it doesnt work out bi-weekly, it doesn’t work at all. We’ll meet in the evening and play for however long we manage with public transportation.

I’m open for other days of the week as well, but that’s still up for discussion.

As for the location, we’ll talk it out within the respective groups, most likely rotating between different flats.

We also try to get everyone into a whatsapp-group, making communication easier.

As for now, I’ll leave my personal mail-adress for 1.) everyone who couldn’t make it today
2.) everyone who needs access to the books via DnD Beyond
3.) everyone now interested in joining a group

Please state your username (i don’t mind real names either :slight_smile: )and what days of the week you’ve got time. We might still need a DM as well.

The campaigns are supposed to start next month, with one or two one-shots and a session zero before that. Until then we should be able to figure this out.

Contace me at or via a personal message through the forum.



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