New DnD 5e Campaign!

(update: Group is Full!)
Hello Heroes,
Unfortunately something has come up and I cannot come next thursday. I would instead like to organise a DnD 5e session next friday, saturday or sunday evening! For 3 to 5 players. It will be a beginner-friendly session with lv 1 characters, with the potential to evolve into a campaign.

If you are interested, please comment which days you could come, at what time!
@SuWe @Dusan I hope you can come?

If you would like to build your own character, use point puy, lv 1, any officially released race and class is allowed, please no evil alignment.
If you want me to bring you a character, please shoot me a message before thursday with your wishes! (Do you want to be an archer? A sneaky assassin? A heroic knight?)

I hope to see you soon!
Regards, your DM :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I would be open on saturday or sunday if you want. I have a character sheet of my own, but I’m not quite sure if I’ve done it right so maybe if you would be so kind to bring one as a backup, that would be great. :smile:

you can send me a copy and I can tell you if it is ok :nerd_face:

That’s completely fine with me as well, I am free only later in the evening on friday but both Saturday and Sunday I’m free whenever.

As for the character creation, I have no idea where to start so I guess the best idea would be to have a pre-generated one :smiley: Something like holy knight or a warhammer-wielding paladin would be to my liking.

Don’t know when exactly would we meet, but if we need a place to be (spielbar works only in the evening), I can offer my dorm hangout rooms (clean, noone ever uses them, lots of space, wifi, tv/music, etc)

I was planning to use Respawn Esports Bar. It is between U6 stations Nussdorferstrasse and Spittelau. Very DnD friendly place, my German group plays there all the time. Also excellent burgers.

@Dusan Warhammer-wielding Paladin sounds fun! Do you want to be a dwarf, a half-orc or a human? (I think those races fit best your description)

There are still 2-3 spots for players, if anyone is interested! :smiley:

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Hey there!

Is there still space for another player? I’m currently DMing another 5e campaign and would like to play myself for a change :smiley: I would bring my own character (if the party is lacking a specific role, just tell me and I’ll happily adapt my character)

I would like to play a wizard btw so you guys know what I had in mind :smiley:

I’d prefer saturday or sunday aswell :slight_smile: Preferrably sunday. My sister would also like to join :smiley: She can only offer sunday though.



Human Paladin through and through!

@Komeran yep, there is still place, and bring your Wizard! As an experienced player maybe you can help your sister make her character?

@Dusan ok, I will message you your character once I am done with him and you can tell me if you like him :blush:

@SuWe Sunday seems to be the preferred day.

At what time can you guys come? Can you come already in the afternoon? Unfortunately there is only food at the Respawn until 17:00 on Sunday. Or we can find another venue.

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Hi, @LindleyJo and me would also be down for Sunday :smiley:

Alright we will come with our characters ready :slight_smile:

My sister and me can come whenever you like on sunday.

Also, do you need some info regarding our characters in advance? If so, I’d send you a message once we’re done with them^^

@LindleyJo and @TheH0bbit alright, I guess that makes 6 players but we will manage :slight_smile:️. Do you need help to make characters? If yes, please message me your wishes.

@Komeran tell me your race and class once you are done, that is enough in advance.

@Dusan @SuWe and the others would you be down for 14:00 on Sunday?


Yup, 14h Sunday at Respawn Esports Bar, got it :smiley:

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@nuFalcon What classes do we have in the group? I would like to be a healer, but if we need something to balance out a bit I’m happy to play any other class as well.

@LindleyJo We have so far a Paladin, a Wizard and a Ranger. You could pick Cleric as the stereotypical healer, or perhaps Druid or Bard if you want to be more versatile. Actually I’m not such an expert on optimising healer builds because I always play the combat expert in group ( = the one who needs the healer, lol) but I will do my best to help you :blush:


@LindleyJo and I will make characters tomorrow and send you the sheets. We’re pretty new to DnD so we might make some mistakes :sweat_smile:

@TheH0bbit It’s ok if you make mistakes, the DM is here to help :blush: for beginner-friendlyness as well as party balance I suggest you a fighter, rogue or barbarian, if that sounds interesting. Fighter and rogue are very versatile classes so you can do a lot of variations on them. Of course you can pick any class you want.

I would love that. I will send it to you as soon as I get home. (sorry that I didn’t respond for so long)

Sunday is ok for me too. I am completely free that day. Right now I mostly play a wizard sunelf. But I would love to be the healer of the group. I just don’t know how to create one…

I mean I could help you if you want and the DM is okay with it^^

Thank you! But she’s already helping me. :blush:

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