New DnD 5e Campaign!


Alright good to hear! :smiley: See you all on sunday then! :slight_smile:


We made our characters today. We went with a half-elf bard for @LindleyJo and a halfling rogue for me :smiley: Looking forward to playing together on Sunday!


it’s so nice to see the group taking shape :smiley: i’ve been busy growing a world for yall to explore … :wink:


Haha nice! We’re done with our characters aswell! :smiley:
Really looking forward to sunday now :slight_smile:
Oh and I hope there’s a bit of lore to explore aswell! :wink: If not, my wizard will happily explore all the depths of the arcane arts :stuck_out_tongue:


there is a lot of lore, arcane arts, and who knows what else to explore :blush::blush::blush: you shall see~


Is anyone going to be there tonight at the Spielbar???


yeah, Im most probably coming after my classes


i can’t :confused:


Great! It would be nice getting to know some of you before our meeting on sunday :hugs:


Unfortunately I can’t as I’m very busy today and tomorrow xD


Hi i would Love to join your Party and i could be there Ebers thursday at about 7p.m would be pleased to hear from you


Uhm I think you’re a little late for that, sorry. We’re already 6 players + DM and we already set the date to Sunday 2pm :confused:


Ok but Maybe next week ? If someone has no time just give Me a Note


Although this group is full, turn up tonight at spielbar as we play one shots on Thursday - just drop a note on that weeks thread (eg Thursday 24 May - Spielbar for this week) saying you are coming and then turn up (we sort who has what to run, and who wants to play what at the start)


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