Nevery played before, but would love to try!

Hello people,

I’m Emanuel, 25 years old. I study social work and love bass guitar. I came here via r/Wien and I have no idea how I can find a group, how this site works. All I know is I’d love to try to play an rpg for once. Any help is appreciated!


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easiest is if you have a look in the calender. friday and saturday we play dnd 5e (VALUE posts). theres a spire group and a table of adnd (i think) players.

If you’re looking for a specific ttrpg or campaign setting just ask for that specifically… we recently had a questionaire saying that the demand is there.

I have no clue what half of these words mean, but calender is something i understood!

We run open table games - just come along and join us - and this week we are doing Fridays 1900 at WoWKeepersand and Saturdays 1100 at Sagewerk. Sign up on the thread if you want to go to one (or both!)

Both are beginner friendly, both are Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition - create a character before hand or turn up a bit early and someone can help get you a character.