My introduction


Hi, my name is Gabor and i play semi-regularly dnd 5th edition with some friends. Sadly it is not always easy to organise a long running campaign, due to personal issues (not enogh time, illness, etc…) so I was searching for active players in Vienna. I would be happy to meet new players and have the chance to play also in campaigns of other people. We have a lot of figurines and the majority of my friends have enough experience to dm.

I am currently organising a small group (bespoke friends) where I will dm for the first time of my life.

I read that Thursdays is a good start to meet new people at Spielbar. If not please correct me!

I’m happy to be here!


welcome to the community :slight_smile:

thursdays are always a good time to meet people at Spielbar where we are playing lots of different systems
finding people to join you for a campaign can also be accomplished there, or you could post a thread to recruit more players in the #arrange-a-game board


Thank you for the info!

At which hour is it the best to show up? Is there a specific starting time or is it arranged in advance before playing?


there usually is a thread up for it ( Thursday Jan 18th 2018, Spielbar 7pm )
and the thread usually states when it’s planned to start, in this case 7pm, some people show up later



We have varied games played on an open table manner on Thursdays around 19:30…

This forum has also been the starting point for quite a few campaigns of D&D…


You make it sound like a bad thing xD

Greetings and a warm welcome to the forum^^


Not at all. Just that he might be able to recruit another group here as it has happened multiple times before