Thursday Jan 18th 2018, Spielbar 7pm

So, I’m back in Vienna after the winter break. Who’s coming this week? Happy to see y’all again :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:

I have time to show up at the 18th
wuhuuuuuu !!!

I could dm a Shadowrun Oneshot (with the simplyfied Shadowrun Anarchy rules)
and I have two Old World of Darkness Oneshots ready
(one more classic and one more exotic)

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I’ll probably come as well. Never played World of Darkness before, would love to try it :slight_smile: see you there

i’ll try to be there, but won’t run anything this week (especially as i’m not entirely sure wether i can make it this week)

Can’t confirm now, but I’ll do my best to make my inaugural appearance!

I’ll try to be there, and I would LOVE to play WoD. Especially Old.

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I should be there

I am planning on being there too

so 7 people for tomorrow? (myself included)
hope that at least one other person will show up, so that we will be able to host two small groups

i’m counting 8, but several (including me) not sure if they can make it

I can’t do it, sorry. I spent my Spielbar budget this week on ink & paper.

The possible oneshots for tomorrow:

System: Vampire the Masquerade V20
Dice: several d10s
Story: a group of vampires, who fled from an undead civil-war, will arrive in …
Setting: Gary, Indiana
Pergens: Disillusioned Rapper (Brujah), Investigative Journalist (Malkavian), Ex-Streetwalker (Nosferatu), Meth-Head (Toreador), Runnaway Thaumaturge (Tremere), Real Estate Broker (Ventrue)

System: Vampire the Masquerade V20
Dice: several d10s
Story: a group of fledging vampires, who recently got to control their own turf, will be asked for a favor
Setting: Lagos, Nigeria
Pergens: False Rapper (Assamite Vizir), Chinese Petroleum Engineer (Mariner Gangrel), Albino Body-Parts Dealer (Giovanni), Hare Krishnah Sannyasini (Lasombra), Repentant Ex-Warlord (Tzimisce), 419 Scammer (Ventrue)

System: Shadowrun Anarchy
Dice: several d6s
Story: it is just a simple job, that only requires some legwork, but should pay suprisingly well
Setting: Seattle, Washington
Pergens: Ex-Speznas/Aspiring Sushi Shef (Troll Physical Adept), Panty Thief (Dwarven Drone Rigger), Occult Investigator (Human Chaos Mage), Ex-Humanis Policlub Member (Ork Combat Medic), Runnaway Test Subject (Human-Replicant Aztec Shaman), Burned Out Ex-Black Mage (Ork Razorgirl), Infiltrator/Dating-Sim Collector (Elf Decker/Face), Christian Nun (Human Technomancer)

I might be bringing a friend tomorrow, so I count for two :wink:

Looks like I’m also bringing a friend, so count me twice as well

so … @Darthbinks is dming a group, but from the current count it looks like we’ll need a second group … anybody volunteering? :smiley: i kind of want to play this time around :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be able to DM something, but since I have no material whatsoever, it would be something probably very silly. If that’s alright, I volunteer as a tribute!

I hope nobody playing with me has played “The Witch Is Dead” yet… :grimacing:

I’ll be there as well and could also run a little something.

See you tonight!

I probably have to work until 11 or midnight tonight so, you guys have fun!

Change of plans, my friend might not be there after all.

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