More battlemaps

So, a month of so ago, I posted one of the[url= I used for the Scourges’ weekly game and people, Bazhell in particular, expressed interest in seeing more of these.

Since then, I used a few more maps but lazied away from posting…

Here they come (keep in mind, I only produce the maps themselves, the amazing objects that populate them almost exclusively come from the wonderful Dundjinni forum):

This one is the spider cave.
Basically, the scourges investigated some disappearances and found out that a local villagers was bringing his fellow locals to a giant spider for her to lay her eggs in… Justice was then brought to the vile arachnid.

I am hardly satisfied with the cave mouth and will need to work on that again, based on some suggestions from somebody over at the cartographers’ guild. When I have the time and energy, as I tend to focus on producing new maps for the game rather than taking the time to fix the ones that already served their purpose…

The next one encountered was the pantless dragonfly, a small ship that the scourges have travelled around on a few times.

Last week, they also visited an abandonned, half-flooded temple to umberlee:


Finally, they also cleared up a cave of orcs:

I put this map last, because it is the one that warrants the most discussion.
It was one of the very first map I created with GIMP and, while I did pimpify it a bit before re-using it, I realized that its design itself is still not very good.

For example, I did put a pot of boiling oil in one room (the one with the rosting pig on the middle left), hoping for something interesting (hapily, Josip immediatly caught up and kicked up the pot right into the orcs’ face, as I was hoping somebody would do…).

But the throne room was a bit disatisfying. The orc chief had inherited a magical specter from the cave’ previous owner and I wanted him to use it to defend himself, basically, activating the various magic circles in the room for random effect. But this did not really work and the orc only managed to catch Julie’s character for minor effect… Not terrible, but hardly memorable. If I had to redo it, I would make wide concentric circles radiating from the throne to make sure that everybody gets hit… It would make the fight a bit tougher, I guess, but more interesting too…

But the real problem is with the narrow corridors (and, to a lesser extent) small rooms.
Several fights took place within these corridors and it was quite a drudge, as only the frontmost fighters of either groups could conveniently hit each others… A few volleys were echanged but, mostly, it was a slow and clumsy fight, with little strategical interest to it.
Lesson learned, in my next maps, I will do my best to always make the corridors widers or have them branch out and twist around to allows for combatants to by pass such each others…

Anyway, I still am sitting on a couple more maps, and will try to remember posting them once my players have explored them…

Lovely as always
When i’m back from my vacation i will get internet and gimp as fast as possible and will try to overcome u xD

Knock yourself out. And if you need help getting started, we can arrange tutoring lessons to give you the basics and get you on your way…

Yeah tutoring lessons sounds great
Btw. I liked the flooded temple the most

Also about the tunnels beeing to narrow
On some ocassions i think it can be used for such nasty things like traps and stuff

Ok, another battlemap, titled “Duergar forge”.

Like the others, it was created in GIMP and used quite a few furniture from the dundjinni forum…

For this map, I wanted to play with shadows and bouncing lights…

Nothing to add except: awesome work! Keep it up! :exclamation:

Well; thanks.

Here is a three parter. A pirate ship that the Scourges cleaned up…

We have the aftcastle:

The aftcastle dominates the main deck:

And underneath is the main hull:

All put together made for a rather big maps: 6 A3 sheets (or 12 regular sized sheets of paper) but it was not a very complex map. Then again, I did not find too meandering a fight, I wanted as much open space as I could squeeze in…

I love your maps! That is always so exciting when you start setting stuff up! I can’t wait for our next meeting!

So, here is a map that I couldn’t finish in time for the last adventure.

It is the top floor of the inn “Warm beds” described in Volo’s guide to Waterdeep…

I can copy the links to your maps, post them in my browser, and only then can I view them here in the posts. Else I only get a box of “image” here.

Really? It works for me.

Anybody else has that problem?

And does the one I attached work better?

Attached one works, previous don’t for me as well

Well, I guess I will attach them from then on… Should I go bsck and do it for the previous ones? Do you guys have problem visualizing any of the previous battlemaps?

In the same boat as GJsoft, but I can live with the other way just as well.

Ok, so, same player shoot again:
The spider cave!

The Pantless Dragonfly:

The Sunken Temple:

Vogelherd’s Cave (I don’t know how it happened, but it seems like I lost the original Gimp file with this one and now only have the Tiff one… It was my least favourite one anyway…):

The Duergar forge:

And finally, the three parter of the Golden Elk: