Meow >^.^< and welcome to my kinda awkward introduction

Hey fellows. :3

I stumbled upon your website and was delighted by all these friendly people, so I chose to stay a bit and maybe introduce myself.

I’m a Pen & Paper enthusiast living here in Vienna. I was hoping to find some nice people to play some D&D or other modules (Hopefully a 5e Campaign).
Since I already had the chance to join in on a few different oneshots with some of my friends I’m not a complete newbie regarding Pen & Paper games but since most fantasy themed ones were custom built or heavily modified I’m open to everything, If you’ll bear wih me :smiley:

Furthermore I’m born here in Vienna so please excuse my english skills and my sometimes extraordinary character.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys. Cheers and out.^^


Hey @Ryou-Kenshin! Nice of you to stop by. There’s a regular group that meets at the Spielbar every Thursday. The games played vary but they’re all a friendly bunch so I’d recommend that if you want to get some one shots /short campaigns in. (Simon is thinking of running a 5e campaign on the last Thursday of every month at the spielbar, so keep an eye out for that)

Feel free to make a post in the other forums here. We’re a fairly small community but I’m always happy to see new members joining and getting involved.

Enjoy your stay!

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Oh. Thank you. I’ll be sure to check it out. :blush:
Will it be annoying if I hold back a bit with the talking at first, 'couse I am still not that used to speaking english out loud? :confused:


I am indeed planning on running a 5th ed game on Thursday the 30th. The idea is to play through the starter set adventure.
I am bringing blank character sheets and pre-gens, although people are welcome to make their own characters if they so wish…

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