Monthly D&D 5 (campaignish) game

So we were talking last Thursday and several of us would like to continue the Lost Mine of Phandelver game…

I am thinking it might be useful to organise a regular game for that… Maybe we could say that the people that want to continue/join the “Lost Mine of Phandelver” mini-campaign… And we suggested the last Thursday of each month…

Last time we used pre-gens and I will bring them again next time but people are welcome to bring their own characters (built using the standard array, please, and sticking to WoTC material but Unearthed Arcana is acceptable if you want to use archetypes that are not available elsewhere…).

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Are you talking about a reallife game or something like roll20?

This one would be a real Spielbar based game

Count me in. Shall we start this upcoming Thursday? Or when is a good time?

That would be great, I’m in.

Sounds good. Depending on the date I’d be in as well

Well, we discussed to make it every last Thursday of each month so that not to interfere with other games too much…


I’m definitely in too and I will bring my own character :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

I’d like to join as well if possible. Sadly couldn’t join any games for the last half year due to a late afternoon working shedule, but that’s going to change next week.

Would it be ok to use one of the additional playable races of Volos Guide to Monsters for D&D 5?

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Well what do you think about a session 0 at some stage, where we can go through the characters and kinda set the bar and expectations and stuff, what do you think?

The player’s races in Volo are fine. They also are rules about monstrous races and these do not really make sense in a normal party.
If you really want to play on of these, we can discuss it but I am reluctant…

@Andy, that is not a bad idea.
We could start next session with a bit of character stuff. People that rolled their own characters can bring (and brag about) them, and if people want to create their own we can do that on the spot, it is quick enough…

So, the 30th for this month and no game today, right?

Not 5th Ed, no… 3.5, though

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