Lost Mines Of Phandelver, Parsley GM, next session

Hey, guys, now that @Simon is back from frolicking across the Highlands and Isles, we can have another game! So… @Parsley, @Tersidian, @Thopthes, @Martin: NEW DOODLE. I have not included Monday & Tuesday, Sep 25 & 26 in here because I will be rather forcibly occupied those evenings.


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I am not quite back. I am currently sitting at the Edinburgh airport…
Also, I didn’t go further North than Stirling. So, no highlands this time…

So pretty much everything I said was wrong, but doodle ANYWAY.

He didn’t say anything about frolicking so that still might have been right🤔

Well, I don’t think there was ever any question that frolicking would be involved. I just got the location wrong.

So Simon the Frolicker et all: Do you mind if I join your sessions?
Edit: Also did I ask already?

It’s really up to @Parsley. She is the GM, and we’re a group of 5 right now. She needs to consider whether she wants to handle a bigger party.

But “Simon the Frolicker” is definitely going down in history somewhere.

Simon the Frolicker sounds nice, but has not the same ring to it as Revenge the shoulder Warlock! :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Revenge the Frolicking shoulder Warlock?

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nah he is more the ‘sitting in coffins’ type, but maybe the dragonborn palading that carried him around could be frolicking :smiley:

I hate to be an asshole, but right now this group is set. @Parsley might decide she wants to invite more players, and then we’ll let people know, but for those of you not already in the group who are filling out the doodle, please don’t. It just makes it more confusing to schedule. Thank you.

Yeah so it’s not at all a problem for me if your group is set. Just figured I’d ask but I completely understand. :wink:

Nono. There have been a couple of people who put their information into the doodle who aren’t actually part of this group. Unless people from this group have decided to add themselves to the doodle under yet a third name (after their real name & forum name)…

Yeah I know I just meant I don’t mind if you don’t have the space for another party member. If Parsley says I can join then cool but if not then that’s fine too.

Sorry for the confusion…Thought it was clear that my little warlock is the coinman …

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I support that :slight_smile:

Oops, I totally didn’t get that. Still doesn’t explain Pyro…

Ok, who’s the crazy ass gnome Paladin? That you, @Thopthes? Y’all are just busting my balls now.

Yeah, SCNR :smiley:

Ok all. The best soonest day is Saturday, September 30. Do we want to start around 2, and do a most-of-day event?

I know if you look at the doodle it looks like the 27th is the soonest, but I am having a minor surgical procedure on the 25th. When I made the doodle, I was confident I’d be fine by Wednesday, but now that I have had time to worry, I’m going with “let’s not chance it.” I SHOULD be fine. Let’s not chance it.