Looking for Group (5th Edition D&D)

Aside from looking into Adventurer’s League meet ups, I wanted to post here, since the nature of my work means I have an irregular schedule, the bane of every gamer looking for peers.

I’m a 5th Edition Player Character/Dungeon Master looking for a dedicated playgroup in Vienna. If you’d want me to DM, here are some ideas for campaign themes I’d be interested in running with you:

  1. Magic: The Gathering - Based on the “Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica” and the “Planeshift” online modules, a campaign set in the MtG multiverse with adventurers thrown from their home worlds (Innistrad, Amonkhet, Ixalan, Zendikar, Dominaria, Kaladesh and Ravnica) through rifts in space and time between the Blind Eternities. Magic is everywhere, as these settings are high fantasy by design.

  2. Classical Mythology - An “Age of Mythology” style campaign set in a world where the gods and goddesses of the classical pantheons listed in the “Player Handbook” reign, and where the technology level of the setting is around the time of antiquity. Magic is rare, and those who wield it are treated with awe and reverence, and songs will be sung about great heroes of epic fantasy.

  3. Homebrew - Of course, I’d most prefer sitting down and talking to the players and getting their ideas as to what they want to have in the campaign, with everyone contributing ideas of what kind of world they want to explore and travel in. It would be nice to run a story where everyone can take part in the creative process. The players can decide what kind of world they want to inhabit, and the genres of fantasy they prefer as a whole.

Open to creative ideas and just a private message away! Looking forward to meeting you.

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Hello there!

New player here. I tried to pm you but I’m new to this site and couldn’t quite figure it out. Never played before but I have the three base books and have dabbled in character creation on D&D Beyond. I’ve been trying to get my friends to start a game but most are to busy with university or work.
If you are willing to accept an inexperienced player I’d be up for pretty much anything.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Dear Sol,

thanks for writing! I had the same problem when I started out on this site, and I had difficulties sending a PM to @Tenshinzo, who was looking for a DM before. I think new members have to read for 10 minutes, look into 5 topics and read 20 posts or something like that to activate the features. Am I right, @discobot?

I’m totally into helping new people out! In fact, I enjoy walking people step-by-step through the rules and character creation if they need it. So, sure, we can totally talk about it sometime or scout for other players on the board to set up something.

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Hello Levinas!

I know the trouble of irregular schedules just to well. If you are intending to run a campaign or maybe just a one shot of some type I would be very interested in joining.
The idea of playing an Age of Mythology game is most interesting for me since I loved that game growing up. But whatever the setting I‘dbe down.

Hope we can figure something out.


Dear Khaine,

Thanks for your sympathy. It’s so hard to get a schedule together with certain kinds of work, as I’m sure you know. Sure, I’d really like to discuss ideas! Will also write you a PM.

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The Thursday group @ spielbar is a good place to start if you want to run one-shots adventures.


Dear AmLash,

Thanks for the tip! So it seems there are dedicated D&D communities for Thursdays (Spielbar) and Fridays (Café 1070). I think I’ll definitely look into those, possibly even attend and play eventually. Really appreciate the tips that give me a better idea of what the D&D sphere is like here.

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thursdays is more of an open game thing, D&D happens (as shown by this thread) but it’s not the focus on thursdays, its often used for new games or old almost forgotten ones, and anything between :smiley:
while fridays right now are purely adventurers league d&d 5e


Dear Tersidian,

Your comment is very helpful, thank you for that! Actually, you know what, I think I might join next week’s AL. I’ve been mulling over a character already. It’s been forever since I played a PC; feels great, but I might need to relearn everything again.

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hello dear Levinas

I would definitely like to join a mtg based adventure.
and I usually deal with irregular schedules so I can be usually flexible enough.

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Dear blueblaze,

MtG lore is definitely a favorite of mine, and I’d be open to discuss ideas! Will also write you a PM.

On topic: thought of another potential idea for a campaign…

  1. Monsters - Inspired by “Volo’s Guide to Monsters”, this campaign is from the perspective of the creatures. Tired of having adventurers come to their homes in the dungeons and steal their treasure, they decide to take the war to the civilized folk! The idea is to play as a monster race and see the world from the other side of the RPG mirror.

Gods - I’d so love that! I have been thinking about a Kobold Wizard for so long :star_struck: But I don’t think I’ll have time to fit another regular campaign :weary:

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Dear SheVa,

Thanks for the feedback! If I think of any other ideas for campaigns, I’ll post them in this thread so other people who want to DM can steal them, if they want. I’m very sure I won’t be able to run all of them alone.

There was another idea I was toying with that ran along similar lines, a campaign where all the PCs are only Evil-Aligned (as opposed to AL, where Evil PCs are discouraged) and they are all working together under a dark overlord, forced to collaborate on tasks they can’t possibly finish alone, but will eventually backstab or betray each other to win favor or usurp the empire. Would take a lot of secret coordinating with a DM and it’s definitely not for those who don’t like intrigue and treachery, but would be an interesting political campaign. I have a bunch of wierd ideas.

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God, I feel you. I had a similar Idea of an evil camaign, but more comedic in nature.
Of a group of incompetent underlings working for uber evil overlord that is the worst boss hiring the least prepared employees (inspired heavily by Aq. Inc. ) and trying to of course… take over the world.

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Running an evil campaign with a group that does not regularly play together and knows each other often doesn’t work out too well. There are a lot of things happening that people who join say they can deal with but in the end cannot like torture, outright murder of Innocents, genocide, rape, betrayal of PCs, PvP etc.

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Dear Resil, dear theTyke,

Oh yes, you’re both correct, in that the evil campaign would best work if it’s either comedic in nature or between close friends. It’s just an idea I like throwing out there for those who want to try it out, but clearly it’s been toyed with before, even if no one really talks about it. How eeeeeeevil!

evil campaigns are hard, but can be loads of fun :slight_smile:
but most often evil campaigns aren’t planned but instead just happen by characters doing stuff that turn out to be evil and then just roll with it :smiley:

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Dear Tersidian,

that reminds me of a joke: that actually, there is no such thing as an “evil campaign”. A normal campaign already involves adventurers traveling around, killing things, stealing treasure, and generally doing morally questionable acts (a.k.a. being a “murderhobo” ), and therefore, is already evil by default.

Adventurers are such horrible people!

reminds me of the Commoner Campaign: Joe Wood

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that the comfort zone of all players and the dm is roughly the same is super important!
as always communication is the key

also the evil party must know ingame (!) that infighting is bad

solutions we used:

  1. The party started as a cell of conpiratory cultists worshiping Asmodeus. So they signed a pact with each other … in blood (I forced them to sign with a red pencil :japanese_ogre:).

  2. The party was a group of Drow-silblings of a fallen house and only one playercharacter was female (as well as being a cleric and the oldest silbling), and she stated, that infighting will not be tolerated. This was because the silblings were of a sacred birth of Octuplets and therefore would loose the blessing of the Spidergoddess, if there would be less than 8 alive.

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