Looking for an Online DnD group

Hey everyone.

I’ve been wanting to get back into DnD lately because its been a bit since i actually got to play. I have only ever played 5e and have about 1-2 years of experience and i was hoping to find a group that i could join as a player both German and English are fine for me. I mainly have time on the weekends since i work full time that is also why I am specifically looking to pla Online and not Face to Face. I’m 20yo if thats relevant to anyone.

I hope to meet some lovely people here soon. I am in the RPG Vienna discord under the same Username so if anyone wants to contact me feel free to do it via Discord.

Just in case no online game pops up and you’re local and it would fit into your schedule, we mainly play on weekends in Türkenschanzpark. Old school rather than 5th ed.

Lots of lovely people, plus one mildly grouchy DM.


welcome :slight_smile:

:point_right: regarding D&D 5E
additionally we host D&D 5E groups once a week in Café 1070
… look for any new post with V.A.L.U.E. in its title
(this has proved to be a great recruiting ground for groups in the past)

:point_right: regrading Online RPG
I will host an online RPG Oneshot this month
(might be in RL if everyone is comfy with this … incl. me)
… but it would be STAR TREK :vulcan_salute:
(complexity wise the system is simpler than D&D)

should you be interested pm me


Hi @KittyPaw

I’m in a similar situation. Except I’m a complete beginner.

Anyway I’m also mainly interested in an online group. If there are more people including a DM, we might be able to form an online group.

I would join the online sessions

i would also join the online sessions