Looking for a Pathfinder 2 (PF2e) game

Hello! I’ve played and run PF2 before and have a hankering at the moment to play in a campaign. Anyone feel like DMing PF2? :crossed_fingers:

This was the last time PF2e folk surfaced - perhaps they’re still running?

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I could DM. We would need more players, though…

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I’d play if we can find a good time

Hey! I wanted to get into PF2 for a long time, I am experienced in 5E and am very flexible schedule wise. Is that welcome?

I would be interested too, let’s find a good time slot!

Wow, that was in june last year, not that long ago! Maybe it’s still on! Thanks for the pointer!

Ok, sounds like we’ve got a potential squad coming together. Do we want to schedule games for one of the regular 5e days or find our own time? Also happy to switch to discord to discuss if that’s a faster-paced way to communicate for folks.

I just deleted discord :sweat_smile: I would prefer friday evening or sunday afternoon maybe

Can I try it too?

Sunday afternoon works for me. Friday I work late.

This sunday is mothers day but I could do sunday afternoons after if that works for people? @Aviron what works for you?

Hi, i am also interested in playing PF. Sunday afternoon is perfect for me.

Sunday afternoon would work for me as well. Shall we try for the 19th for our first session, then? If you think you will need help making a character, just let me know and I’ll help you through the process.


So, do we have Discord group chat? If yes - please invite me. If no - I can create one.

we dont have one yet. @Atanen can you undelete discord lol

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Sure (done! You´ll find me under the same name)!

But I´m not here this sunday (12. May), only next sunday (19. May)!