Pathfinder 2E - Strength of Thousands (New DM)

Hello everyone,
I am considering to try my hand as DM for Pathfinder 2E after being mainly a forever DM for D&D over the last 6 years. I was thinking about starting with an adventure path, more specifically “Strength of Thousands”:

This adventure path is described as quite roleplay heavy but I also felt like the beginning was good to ease new players into Pathfinder when reading the adventure. I would be looking for 4 players of any experience level who would be interested in this adventure path and a bi-weekly game.

If anyone is interested just let me know and then I would like to arrange a get-together/session 0 either next week or the one after that :slight_smile:


I’d be very interested. Have been playing dnd for most of the last 8 years and am now just branching out to pf2 playing a couple of oneshots ^^ when would you want to play and would you do it in person or online?
Kind regards

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Hey there, I am currently looking for a regular offline pathfinder session. I played one campaign with it before, so I am already familiar with it.
I already heard about the campaign and was interested before.
As I tried to get a group together for some time already, so I found 2 people on reddit who might also be interested.

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Would be interested as well. I have the corebook, but would like some hands on experience with PF2.

As an aside, I also have played with @Gammageddon before in multiple campaigns xD

I can’t do Tuesdays, Fridays or Sundays >.>

Edit: 20+ years of RP experience, I tend to be very Min/Max with a huge emphasis on flawed characters. Am a very “Yes and!” player.

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