Looking for a group, not sure if this is the right place for me

Hi there.

I’ll move to Vienna very soon and I’m looking for a roleplaying group. I’m not sure if RPG Vienna is the right hunting ground for me, so I have some questions.

Most people around here apparently want to play D&D Adventurers League or some other kind of organized play. (Or at least it seems so at first glance). I’m not all that familiar with such stuff. Do groups play together every week(?) with the same constellation of GM and players? Is there an ongoing storyline with such things? Or are players usually dropping in and out of games, taking their character with them?

Because I for myself would prefer to find a nice group of people to play an ongoing campaign with, rather than jumping from one thing to the next.

Plus, I’m not sure if I’m all that comfortable with playing in a public place (such as the SpielBar of Café 1070). Never done such thing before. So yeah, I would be looking for a regular roleplaying group interested to play within the safety of one’s home.

Is this forum an acceptable place to find such group? Could a trip to one of your weekly game nights be helpful for me? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

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AL/VALUE has a couple of ongoing storylines with semi fixed groups, but some people drop in/out there depending on who’s there, in addition there usually is a oneshot or 2 going on too, which is the typical play for these things
1070 depends on the table you’re at, some feel pretty much like a private living room, so i’d recommend to try it, if just to get to meet a couple of people sharing the same hobby

many a group has started because of the organized weekly sessions, some of which meet at private places, some meet in public spaces like cafe 1070 or spielbar
so yes, you are in the right place to search for a group, some start every now and then directly here on the forum, there is an ongoing play by post in our discord too if you’re interested in such things

A bit of additional info about what you’re searching (and maybe even about preferred times if you know those yet) could be usefull, stuff like:

  • what systems do you know
  • what system(s) would you like to play
  • preferred language (english is obvious for this community, but we also can point you in the right directions for a couple of german speaking communities if need be)

besides that, welcome to the community
hope you’ll find what you’re searching

Excellent. Thanks for your help. After I successfully moved to Vienna, I’ll show up for the weekly meetup. Maybe someone’s interested in forming a new group.

I’ve played some PbtA stuff, FATE, Savage Worlds, Cthulhu … a bunch of systems. But at the moment I’d be most interested in a DnD game or some Vampire: the Masquerade.

I’m not sure if I can manage a whole session in English. I mean, I can somehow communicate, but I’m not sure if the other people at the table would be happy with me. German would be fine, I’m from around here.

if you’d prefer german Athenaes Siegel might be for you, but i do recommend to just try playing in english at least once, it is pretty good training and a lot of our people can speak english and will be able to help (heck when i play or dm i end up saying a couple of words in german because i can’t think of the english word at the time :smiley: )

Hey I’m looking for a group too and I’m a beginner as well!

I’ve sent you a privat message.


Me and my husband (age 29 and 27) are looking for a group as well! We are beginners and would also like to play regularly and preferably with the same group of players. We are open to playing in a public place and maybe after a few games (after getting to know each other) also hosting.


I’ve sent you a private message :ok_hand:

Maybe you are interested: