Looking for a group for D&D or other TTRPG in Vienna

Hello everyone! My name is Mario (35), and I live in Vienna.
I would like to find people interested in starting a group for playing D&D 5e (I would be interested in DMing) or other TTRPG (I would be interested in playing Call of Chtulhu, Shadowrun, or any system to be honest!


Hey Mario - welcome! We have had a bunch of people turn up recently say they are interested to start - if you want to come along and run a one-shot at the Friday night games once or twice that could be a path to finding some players for a new campaign.

there are also Saturday rpg brunches
those could also be a good recruting ground

Would love to join whatever it is y’all are up to, whenever that would be.
Really rusty with playing or DM-ing, so that Friday Night game sounds appetising. When and where does that take place?

FR :point_right: Holochergasse 53 (6€ fee after the 3rd time; can bring your own drinks)

SA :point_right: Sägewerk Wien, Währinger Str. 21

the Threads for both of those are not up yet
just post in the relevant thread, that you wanna join there and what Tier you wanna play
with a new character you can have

  • T1 = starts at level 1
  • T2 = starts at level 5

you can find our V.A.L.U.E. houserules here
those are also linked in every 1st post of every V.A.L.U.E. thread

edit: mixed up the two days … thanks for pointing that out

Sweet-o. Sounds like a fun time.
What time does it start, exactly?

FR: 7 p.m.

SA: 11 a.m.

Good stuff, thanks a lot.