Let's Calculate Our Return V.A.L.U.E

Please post in this thread, should you plan to show up as a player / as a dm
and also the Tier of your game / characters you want to play


  • T1: levels 1-4
  • T2: levels 5-10
  • T3: levels 11-16
  • T4: levels 17-20


:point_right: V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

:point_right: RPG Vienna Quick Start Guide

:point_right: Discord for questions and stuff

Note that we did a Character/Item-Reset affecting all PCs created before May 13th '22
:point_right: see here for details

  • should we have > 25 players, we sadly cannot guarantee you finding a table to play :four_leaf_clover:
  • should we have > 30 players, it sadly seems unlikely that you will find a table to play :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:
  • in both cases :point_up: we’ll rule first-post-first-serve, except reserved spots for continuing games

will show up :smiley:
probably as a player (T1-T3)

Will be there. T1 or T2 player
Edit: Would like to join cat4laugh with T1

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Will be there too, either as a player T2 - T4 or maybe as a DM (T1 or T2).

Would DM the next installment of Candlekeep,for Characters about high T1, low T2.

Hi! If enough people would be interested, I’d like to DM (or rather BM) a game of Bunkers & Badasses, a Tabletop RPG inspired by the Video Game Series Borderlands. I’d prepare some character sheets, but if people would come early (or DM me on Discord) we can create a new Vault Hunter together. No prior knowledge is required - just bring excitement and a bit of craziness. :slight_smile:

A bit about the game:

ADVENTURE. EXCITEMENT. LOOT. These are the currencies of that most dangerous. That most heroic. That most head-explodingest occupation in all the six galaxies: Vault Hunting. Vault Hunters scour the galaxy in search of alien artifacts (and guns), defeating villains (by shooting them with guns) and saving innocents (in exchange for guns). Vault Hunters are badasses of the highest order. And what makes a badass, exactly? Is it their ability to commit wanton violence on a planet-exterminating scale? Is it their ability to buzz axe to the face without breaking stride? No, my friends. There is only one element that separates the normal denizens of the universe from the true badasses. Imagination. The ability to create universes with nothing but your mind’s eye. The willingness to hand over your fate to roll a single die. The desire to tell a story with friends. The drive to create and play and share and improvise an adventure that will echo throughout your memories for all time.

That is badassery. And that is what you will hopefully find within this game. Welcome to Bunkers and Badasses!

The World
Pan’Dorah is much like Borderland’s Pandora: death is plentiful, loot even more so, and only the strongest and/or most insane will survive. Both Pan’Dorah and Pandora are filled with dangerous beasties, powerful guns, courageous Vault Hunters, and epic quests. The main difference between Pan’Dorah and Pandora is that Pan’Dorah has, like, elves. Every fantasy trope you’ve ever seen: every wizarding spell; every fantastical beast; you can find them all in Pan’Dorah, and then you can shoot them in the face. But worry not, skeptical adventurers: the world of Pan’Dorah is not merely a carbon copy of those classic cliches you’ve seen a thousand times. The creatures and locales of Pan’Dorah have a unique, Pandoran twist. What might have been a mere bandit on Pandora is now a spell_slinging brigand in a fantastical realm of Pan’Dorah. He may use magic, but he’ll still scream about riding your corpse like a meat bicycle. And guns? Yes, the world of Pan’Dorah has guns, but they’re not just guns — they’re magical wands that fire small pieces of metal at extremely high velocities. And they’ve got different fire rates and ideal ranges. And they need to be reloaded. And they look like guns. Okay, the guns are basically the same. But everything else has a fresh coat of blood on it. Within these pages, you’ll find the result of grabbing the brutal, gleefully insane world of Pandora in one hand, and the magical world of fantasy in the other, and then making them kiss one another.

Brief explanation of the rules on reddit:

If I wont find enough ppl, I’d just show up as a player with a T1-3 :slight_smile:


Update: Sorry can’t DM this time - have something before and will maybe even late with my char (T1-4) would love to join @BufoBufo table.

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I’ll most likely be quite tired but I’ll be there anyway to finish up the most sandbox-y oneshot series I’ve ever run :sweat_smile:
The rat-ventures will return for a final (low) T3 showdown. (even though the rat-situation has been pretty much resolved at this point I’ll still keep the name the same)

With two ancient pacts fulfilled, the armies of Talas now have to face the hoardes of the goblins at their gates. Treants and Eladirn from the feywild guard the walls. A firbolg sits on top of the wall, chewing on a raw potato as he sees an army rise from the lake to further strengthen their ranks… the fish have arrived!

Will the city prevail under the siege of the goblin armies (who have recently come to work under new management, decided at the Smash-Bash)?
Will Jockla rise to his rightful rank, as leader of the city council just to stop the adventuring party from going into politics themselves?
Will the new rat-public aid their former oppressors in their struggle for their home?
Will the players be able to finally rid themselves of their Sword of Damocles and restore the sailboat to its former glory?

Let’s find out together in “The conclusion”. :rat:

(Players who have played one or more of the previous adventures will have preferential seating.)


Hello hello! Probably won’t have the time to prepare a new adventure this time so I’ll be joining with T2 and T3 characters. :slight_smile:

If it should be necessary I am also able to run a game. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If @ThatGuyTed has some space maybe?

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Same question, would love to play some T3 :smiley:

I’ll be there to join @ThatGuyTed’s table.

Zurga will do everything to fix the boat and get Jockla the seat on the council. Everything else is secondary :innocent:

Clocks continuing to tick tick tick away with more dungeon world.

I am new to 5e (got some 3.5e XP). I whipped up a T2 char and thought I’d check it out this Friday. Is there anything else I need to do?

Not really, your good to go.
Maybe consider stating preference for a table to make planning easier, but it’s still a bit early in the week for that.

I’d like to join @Lux_Tenebraeque with my T1 Lv 3 if possible :slight_smile:

Sure, pleased to have you @ladydoomdaddy

Will be there and dm something. Either T2 or T3 depending on what people are interested in. Short investigation in Waterdeep then some exploration.
Otherwise I’ll join a game

I’ll be there to clock in :stopwatch::stopwatch::stopwatch:

Will join with Harry (unless he forgets haha)

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Could I also join @Lux_Tenebraeque table with my L5 divine soul? :slight_smile: